CRR, SLR , Repo , Reverse Repo Rates Definitions


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These are taken from this site as its was posted by the author. Thanks to IAS mentor

Repo (Repurchase) Rate

Repo rate is the rate at which banks borrow funds from the RBI to meet the gap between the demand they are facing for money (loans) and how much they have on hand to lend.

If the RBI wants to make it more expensive for the banks to borrow money, it increases the repo rate; similarly, if it wants to make it cheaper for banks to borrow money, it reduces the repo rate.

Reverse Repo Rate

This is the exact opposite of repo rate.

The rate at which RBI borrows money from the banks (or banks lend money to the RBI) is termed the reverse repo rate. The RBI uses this tool when it feels there is too much money floating in the banking system

If the reverse repo rate is increased, it means the RBI will borrow money from the bank and offer them a lucrative rate of interest. As a result, banks would prefer to keep their money with the RBI (which is absolutely risk free) instead of lending it out (this option comes with a certain amount of risk)

Consequently, banks would have lesser funds to lend to their customers. This helps stem the flow of excess money into the economy

Reverse repo rate signifies the rate at which the central bank absorbs liquidity from the banks, while repo signifies the rate at which liquidity is injected.

Bank Rate

This is the rate at which RBI lends money to other banks (or financial institutions .

The bank rate signals the central bank’s long-term outlook on interest rates. If the bank rate moves up, long-term interest rates also tend to move up, and vice-versa.

Banks make a profit by borrowing at a lower rate and lending the same funds at a higher rate of interest. If the RBI hikes the bank rate (this is currently 6 per cent), the interest that a bank pays for borrowing money (banks borrow money either from each other or from the RBI) increases. It, in turn, hikes its own lending rates to ensure it continues to make a profit.

Call Rate

Call rate is the interest rate paid by the banks for lending and borrowing for daily fund requirement. Si nce banks need funds on a daily basis, they lend to and borrow from other banks according to their daily or short-term requirements on a regular basis.


Also called the cash reserve ratio, refers to a portion of deposits (as cash) which banks have to keep/maintain with the RBI. This serves two purposes. It ensures that a portion of bank deposits is totally risk-free and secondly it enables that RBI control liquidity in the system, and thereby, inflation by tying their hands in lending money


Besides the CRR, banks are required to invest a portion of their deposits in government securities as a part of their statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) requirements. What SLR does is again restrict the bank’s leverage in pumping more money into the economy.

Source of this post is : IAS Mentor

Great Depression - 1929


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1. During the 20's after the WW-1 production rose in industries, but incomes didn't rise in a similar fashion
2. Top .1% income was equal to the bottom 42% of the population
3. There was a huge imbalance or maldistribution of wealth
4. Fed government cut tax rates specially of the rich people
5. Increased production created an increase in supply as compared to the demand
6. People specially the poor were encouraged to buy on credit
7. Other factor which kept the economy up was lavish spending or luxury spending by the top 1% rich people
8. There were only two major industries around which the whole of the economy revolved - Automobile industry and Radio industry
9. During the world war one farming was encouraged as whole of europe and america was to be fed. Farmers were given high prices and were asked to buy more and more land. After the war the policies changed , farmers debt increased and prices tumbled
10. Automobile and Radio industry fell as they couldn't expand after some extent and with 70% of the population dependent on agriculture economy fell apart
11. US tariffs were very high for other countries to export to US and global trade which could have lifted europe, australia after the world war-1 was not much relevant
12. Shares also went high on speculation from 100 - 420 and any person could buy shares on credit , e.g by investing his $10 and getting $75 on credit he could have brought shares. Return were very high due to speculation .......... markets went high and high and one day fell and due to panic all started selling their shares

Great Depression had begun ...................................................

It is a summary of the article i read



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Government of India after the attacks on Mumbai have acted like never before in passing the two laws namely setting up of a National Intelligence Agency and Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Act in a matter of 2 weeks. I feel this must be the fastest a law has been made.

First of all what would be the functions of NIA:

• NIA is first of all will not be under the jurisdiction of State governments, It can take charge of terror activities without the consent of state concerned. CBI had to take permissions of the state government to act. So In short if will be like the Homeland security if we go to USA.
• NIA can set up special fast track courts for speedy trials.
(still searching for more functions.......)

• It denies bail to foreigners accused in terror cases e.g Kasav like people can be detained for longer duration.
• Bails to Indians will be granted only after courts hear the case.
• Another provision is if a person is found with explosives the onus will be on him to prove his innocence.
• Another important feature will be that the duration of the custody or remand is increased from 15 days to 30 days.

But again the questions arises setting up an law is not enough we need officers and money for new instruments. CBI, IB and CID are already short staffed. What is done nowadays in case of states is if any police officer is creating trouble for a VIP he is transferred to CID. This is not the right way we need right persons for the right job.
CBI is having shortage of 1/3rd of its staff, they say good applicants are hard to find by. Where are the funds to buy latest forensic equipments, to teach them about the cyber crime, to teach them about the new un conventional way used by terrorists?

We are trying to tackle the terror attacks by land, air and sea but what about attacks from cyber space. If we are attacked on a big scale say like websites of many banks getting hacked are we prepared for such attack.

Another issues is of budgeting FBI has a budget of around 7.1 billion dollars and on the contrary expenditure by central government on policing is just 3 billion dollars.

Strict terror laws are not the only way through which we can control terror. Though I agree that there was a need for the centralized agency to tackle menace like terror, but these laws should not go the way POTA and TADA went. Major causalities during these laws were the common men, they were caught by the police beaten, tortured to accept that they are terrorists.
Many students in Hyderabad were arrested, tortured and finally they were released by court after 6 months, but they lost their jobs and college admissions meanwhile.

Point is laws should not be misused. If we can control terror in Punjab we can control it everywhere, what is needed is will , free hand to the police officers, no more vote bank politics like removing the ban on SIMI.

We will get to know in few months whether this law and agency is helpful or its a just another notional agency with only name and without any members.

Fragile Indian Coasts


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Recent attacks on Mumbai have raised concerns about the fragile coastline, Southern India which was supposed to be a safer from terrorist attacks is no longer safe now, thanks to the long fragile coastline. New agencies are coming up to tackle terror menace but the real problem lie somewhere else.

Indian fishermen while fishing mistakenly and intentionally cross the sea border to fish in sea waters of Pakistan. These poor are arrested there and their boats are captured. Some 200 Indian boats are missing, when Indian delegation visited Pakistan in the month of October and enquired about the boats, no one was willing to tell but somehow they came to know that the boats are auctioned at throw away prices. A 20 lakhs rupees boat is auctioned at around 2-3 lakhs. This is very dangerous in context of terror attacks as we all know the 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai came to India via an Indian boat Kuber which was captured according to GPS signals in Pakistani waters.

Chances of Indian boat in Pakistani hands going unchecked are very bright. Casualness of Indian intelligence and Gujarat police is so high that they hardly care to question the fishermen who after spending 1-2 years in Pakistani jails return back to India.

Problem of Indian fishermen crossing over in Pakistani waters has increased in the last five years because of redrawing of the borders. Line was earlier parallel to Pakistani coast and perpendicular to Indian coast is now at an angle of 45 degrees. To our bad luck in the Pakistani waters lies the point where Indus valley delta meets the Arabian Sea abundant in fish, crabs etc. New borders have considerable decreased the fish abundant areas for Indian fishermen and as result many wander into Pakistani waters and are captured. Pakistan has caught 383 boats since 2003 of which 200 are missing and 183 are in dilapidated state.

So now the question arises why our agencies are not able to regulate fishing and keep a strict vigil on the fishermen and prevent them from wandering into Pakistani waters.

There is only one reason shortage of staff and equipments. Gujarat which has the longest coastline among the Indian states (1650kms) , has around 24000 mechanized boats and 5000 trawlers. As per the rules upto 12 kms Gujarat police guards them and from there on till 200kms its Indian coastguard. Other agencies are Gujarat Maritime board which gives certificates to the boats and customs which issues identity cards to the fishermen. A typical custom officer has around 200kms of area to manage, with only 150 staff and 3-4 vehicles. With such a shortage of manpower we cannot expect them to cross check the ids and other details.

A typical journey of fishing boat coasts around 1 lakh for 10 days and the crew is expected to come with a rich haul of fisheries to cover the cost of trip, salaries and profit. Such pressure is bound to take them to the Pakistani water which is abundant in fishes and crabs. Indian waters a polluted by pollutants from jamnagar refinery, tata chemicals, Gujarat alkalies and above all the ship breaking yard at alang has killed all the ships.

Gujarat coast guard is also very ill equipped having only 4 ships, 2 aircraft and 2 hovercrafts to manage the whole area. It takes 45 minutes to one hour to physically check a boat, so checking of all the boats is not possible. Only thing can be done is that proper ids are given after thorough checking and GPS installed on all the boats fishing be regulated by the coastal police. Fishing harbors and ports should be separated for security reasons.

7000 men coast guard of India is very short staffed to handle the 7500 kms long coastline of India.

There are enough laws and agencies in India. Passing of NIA might have brought the terrorism from state list into center list as well but the real problem is not the agencies but the short staffing in the agencies and lack of coordination among the existing ones.

This post is a summary of the cover story of current issue of Tehelka magazine.

Mumbai Blasts and Indian Government


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The government of India has started taking actions after the 26/11 Mumbai blasts. Are these actions useful or helpful is a different matter. But first lets discuss what actions are being taken.

First was sacking of Shivraj Patil , and CM and Deputy CM of Mumbai. Few of these were expected specially the Patil one as the suit changing man was out of sorts in handling the home ministry. Other two went because of their own acts Deshmukh because of terror tourism and R.R Patil because of his incapability in handling those two ill fated days of blasts and his famous comment "Small things happen in big cities" led to his fall.

Other important thing done by India was using its foreign policy in putting pressure on Pakistan from other countries specially the US of A. Initially we all Indians became emotional and were emphasizing on the need for was but we later came to know was is not possible as US will not allow this to happen. US troops are already fighting in regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan borders in killing jihadi terrorists. Majority of Pakistani troops are stationed there and they are helping the Americans.

So diplomatic front is the only open front, even though we have contradictory statements, foreign minister stating that military option is open and defense minster saying other day military option is ruled out.

Pakistan what should I say about the terrorist nation of Pakistan is behaving in the same way as expected. One day they say they are not responsible for non state actors other day they say its their responsibility.

Time is ripe for India to maneuver its foreign policy and become procative now. We should do what Indira Gandhi did during the Bangladesh was, visiting many countries and gaining their confidence and backing of many countries. We should stop taking help for our matters and start depending less on America to help us in sorting our matters. This is not the way future superpowers should behave. There is a need for both soft power and hard power. If our soft power is expanding in form of yoga and curry we also need to show our hard power sometimes.
Following the 50-50 policy never helps, we should either be for or against and trying to create a middle way usually leads to failures.

Conscious of our VIP's has risen and most of them have started demanding less security cover which, has become a status symbol for the politicians. In yesterday's HT it was mentioned that 46,000 men guard 13,339 VIP's and if we cut on these numbers we can create 4 new NSG's and double Delhi or Mumbai police forces. But no lal batti culture has so creep down in our councious that its very difficult to do away with.
There is only one way in which it can be done its through supreme court. Jayalalita and Karunanidhi both are having Z+ security, I don't understand why do they need such security cover, they have never received any threat, they only fear each other :) . Mulayam Singh supported the UAP in saving the government so he was given Z+ security. Every government goes this way, there is no way to decide whom to be given Y,Z,Z+ security. This is wastage of so much tax payers money.

NIA is next ......

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Some More Solutions to the Terrorism Problems


Written on 10:28 AM by nitesh

Carrying forward my earlier post on steps to control terrorism in India , i after reading a lot , watching a lot of news channels and above all thinking a lot come up with few more solutions.

Eighth Point
Stop the funding of terrorism, its difficult but not impossible, most of the funding is done via poppy and opium crop which is grown in Afghanistan. If that can be curbed I think a major part of their funding for latest weapons will be affected

Ninth Point
Stop wastage of so much resources on our elite politicians like giving them so many NSG commandos, around 2500 are for their security out of the total of 10-12K NSG commandos.

Tenth Point
Raise salaries of Police officers, politicians pass the bill for their salary hike with full majority, salary should be hiked of police officers also , i feel it may to some extent stop bribing etc.

Eleventh Point
Smart people for intelligence agencies like RAW, IB , CID, CBI etc. Right now what is done is that if a politician is having problem with any officer he is transferred to CID office or CBI office. This is not the right way, funda of right man for right job just like in our armed forces should be followed.

Twelfth Point
The citizens should be given the option of show their protest against a canditate by using the option 'vote for none' . This will show our resentment towards the candidates and may put pressure on politicians also. See section 49-O

Thirteenth Point
Monitoring is required, as we now how valuable information is being provided by the CCTV footage installed in railway stations, so huge investment is required to install CCTV's and other modern equipments in public places and places of importance.

More points will be added

Indian Politicians again proove that they are out of their minds


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Now the star is Kerela CM , 80 year old war horse who has really lost his mind and need some much needed rest.
His latest comment which I don't have words to describe that pathetic, pitiful, pitiable, piteous, lamentable some of the words i took from web.

His Comment:
"If it had not been (Major) Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have glanced that way."

This is age old problem of out politicians as they think that if they occupy some high post they are gods nobody can deny them anything they can get what they want, the 80 year something old warhorse slowly loosing his mind was shocked when he had to face the opposite of what he was expecting.
This happens ever where in my native state haryana in earlier government regime if any minister liked something they asked that person to give it to them. I remember one incident which became famous one minister liked the car of a person so he took keys from that business man and give it to one of his son as birthday gift, that unlucky businessman had to go back on autorikshaw.

My point is age old mindset that politics is for making money and once you become a minister you are god nobody can say no to you is wrong. Time is over for such mindset, slowly and gradually India is getting educated despite strong efforts by politicians to keep India illiterate so that their vote bank doesn't get affected as we know educated people will ask answers from the vote minded politicians.

Indian IT Companies Measures in Recession


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Ya It seams that the good timings are over now in IT world and now the time has come for youngsters to look beyond IT. There are many reasons for that one of the major is the IT labors number have increase so much that they are always looked downwards where ever they go be it for higher technical education or an mba. Ohh you are just another IT engineer in India, there is shortage of people in other streams in India be it mechanical or electrical.

Recession (some big shot management people call it regression in my office :D ) has taken a heavy toll everywhere, companies are going for drastic measures below are some of the following:

  • No need for flexi timings from now, company comes first employee later. Even though if employee is giving full productive hours.
  • Subsidy has been removed from bus , cab and lunch. Lunch charges in my company are not 1050 from 450, cab charges are 4500 and bus charges are 3000. All these are monthly charges. Every thing has been raised more then 70% apart from the salary. This is in case of companies which are no way near to getting affected by recession as they hardly have any financial clients.
  • Working hours getting increased in most of the companies from 8.30 to 9.30 hours
  • I am afraid they don't come up with the pathetic idea of working on Saturday, if they come than it will be their loss as in IT people are so stressed out over the week days working for late hours and if Saturday is made working than the culture of government style working will peep in i.e no more staying late.
  • Every one is being monitored nowadays from intelligent managers to useless coders.
  • Its very good times for HR people this is not my brain speaking but what i see here in my office, change daily birthday posters and keep the notice boards up2date, I have never seen them interact with any employee about how are you working.
There are many advantages of working in small company as you see and observe things very closely which you wouldn't have noticed in a big company, you learn a lot of things and you skip a lot of things which you could have learnt in a biggie.

These are tough times and we will get through them in one year or two. But now is the right time to enhance our other skills apart from technical skills be it communication skills or evaluation skills.

Every cloud has a silver linning and there is darkness before dawn sets in so this is a learning phase for me also in starting of my career that these kind of things can come and you have to come up with innovative ways to tackle them. Tested and implemented ways are not always successfull.

Raj Thackeray sms


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Taken from today's TOI

It read: ‘Where is Raj Thackeray and his “brave’’ Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (no Marathi manoos, all south and north Indians) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully tonight at Shivaji Park.

Pls forward this so that it finally reaches the coward bully

Steps to Control Terrorism in India


Written on 4:20 PM by nitesh

Well the attacks are finally over now is the time for action. Officially around one hundred eighty have died but unofficially it must be around two hundred fifty.

Following steps can be taken which I see

First Point
A centralized agency whose head is only accountable to prime minister of India , that no need for bureaucracy and other permissions.
Three to four tier coastal security for India's highly susceptible to danger coastal line.

Second Point.
Increase coordination between Raw, IB, CBI , CID . These agencies and many other should be interacting with each other so that we can act together in any case whether terrorists attacks or any other danger on Indian country.

Third Point.

A change in foreign policy, infact we don't have any concrete policy at all in case of our dangerous neighbors from nepal, Bangladesh , Pakistan , sri lanka and china above all.
China is coming deep inside our neighboring countries with plans for infrastructure and other help for the countries, Bangladesh is almost a out of control country on the lines of Pakistan. Bangladesh soldiers come and attack inside Indian territory and we do nothing, chinese are coming inside Sikkim and arunachal pradesh and we in a hush hush way try to keep the infiltration silent in short doing nothing.
China is building roads and train network in neighboring areas of arunachal pradesh and we dont even have a fully developed road network there.

We need to change our tendency of getting equal returns from the saarc countries, time is to give them more so that their economy is lifted , they are educated and things like opting for terrorists deeds in shortage of food can be avoided.

Fourth Point.

First lets read the conversation which could have gone between Zardari and Manmohan Singh

MS: Angry . Send your ISI chief we want to discuss facts with him.
Zardari: Well Sir i am sorry about what has happened in Indian, I am with you in this matter and cooperate full support as you now ji we are also the sufferers in this case, You know how they destroyed our Marriot hotel , you could have learn't from happenings here in Pakistan and tried to be vigilant. We will send you the isi chief you can discuss what you want with him.
MS: Ya I know you are also sufferers of terrorism like us , bye
Zardari: Okay friend we are with you in this matter we are also suffers like you.

Today morning Pakistan do a U turn and says we are not going to send isi chief to discuss facts with India but we are with India in this matter.

Is this the way a contry who think itself as future America that is future super power behave.
Time is ripe for some action, I don't understand what will calling the ISI chief of pakistan do. Manmohan Singh or the government must be thinking that junta is very angry we need to give some strong message to the public of India that we are doing something so lets call the ISI chief.

Common what will that do and other thing like organizing a cabinet meeting without calling the suit changing home minister Mr Patil , he is not the only one who is at fault all of you and you Mr Manmohan singh as the captain of Indian government are also at fault.

So step like a future super power would be to send in commandoes to certain areas of pakistan in POK and other areas to capture some militants and show some thing to the world that we not weak. Israel has done like this many time why cant we do it.

Fifth Point.
Destroy the mafia in mumbai which is also one of the helper in the mumbai blasts, we have done it many times now give some more powers to ATS and destroy it completely. Though some funds to political parties or bollywood movie makers may be coming via mafia but we need to take action.

Sixth Point.
Reform the police , give them some good training, get their tummies inside.
This is most important.

Seventh Point.
Give the police some weapons which are relevant in 2008 they should not be using weapons which were used in the 60's , they could never have been able to kill the terrorists using the latest guns.

Imagine a scenario:

If this could have happened we would have been raped.

Three main metropolitan cities Mumbai, Chennai , Kolkatta -
Three small ships from areas Karachi, LTTE area, Bangladesh
Dhoom - Dhoom in this three cities
We couldn't' have been able to do anything
It is very possible , it could have happened as our neighboring areas are sensitive.

Following are the steps which i see i will update if i get more and readers are request to add more.

India request Pakistan to send its ISI Chief


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Yes India is back to old days of requesting other countries to do this and that. India has requested Pakistan to send its ISI chief for information sharing.

I dont have words to say on this development as i see another attacks in some other city in few months as this laid back attitude is worthless. Had it been america all the ships would have been moved to Karachi port.

That is the difference between a super power and the country which dream to be a superpower.

War on Mumbai


Written on 2:13 PM by nitesh

Links getting connected:

State government of Maharashtra and Central government were informed about the departure of ship from the coast of karachi.
Mini boats were provided by Mumbai Underworld to the terrorists.
Terrorists were trained by ISI or Pakistani Army.
Weapons were provided to terrorists by Underworld.
Terrorists were well informed about the Hotel interiors, probably they may have worked inside the hotel some time before.
Its Global jihad as citizens of many country were inside hotel as hostages



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God give me strength
Help me achieve my goal
Its getting unbearable now

There is an old saying every cloud has silver lining , I am waiting for my day

Inshallah it will come

I have to do it , I have to get what i want

Empty Spaces


Written on 5:35 PM by nitesh

Today I am feeling low as it was my mentor's last day in my company. She is like elder sister to me and a very dear friend. Sometimes the other person don't know what they mean to us , how they affect our lives. She is the one who encouraged me when I was low and guided me when I needed guidance. She is joining as HR Head in a mnc and I know she will be a great asset to that company.
I have see very few persons with such good interpersonal skills, she has a habit of gelling with other persons so easily. I know she will not be as approachable as she was when in my company as I barged into her cubicle any time I wanted to, but now it will not be like that before.

But I am happy as every one need to take new challenges and gain experiences in their life. She meant a lot to me and will mean a lot all my life. If ever in my life I become capable enough to open my company she will the first person who will be offered the post of President-HR.
Best of Luck :)



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24 Today :) nearing quarter century


2 years in IT world tomorrow :)

Woh Dekho Ek Software Engineer Ja raha hai


Written on 12:15 PM by nitesh

Poem summing the life of software guy :)

iphone 3g @ $199


Written on 12:08 PM by nitesh

Apple has done it again, Jobs launched the new iphone at half the price that is only 199 dollars. I got one for $399 2 months back. The repercussions will be felt all over the world now as nokia N series will be wiped out if its 199 dollars in US so it will be under Rs 18K in India that means the walkman series the N series all will slash prices other wise apple wind will take them all.
I see iphone iphones in the hands of people now.

5 Stages of Grief


Written on 5:57 PM by nitesh

One of my friend was discussing these and I came to know about the stages. He was talking about these stages in movie Bucket List.

These are the same stages I have gone through , let me tell you one by one
1. Denial - iift call rejected after interview and gd. Still don't know where was the fault. So at this stage I was like No No it cant be , this can't happen.

2. Anger- wait listed for Spjain this is not the mumbai's one (as my btech acads poor so no call), this is Singapore one. Everything was fine went till the last stage. I was angry why I am wait listed probably because my work ex was less only 20 months and there were lot of guys with 3-4 years experience. But still it was Why me , its not fair.

3. Bargaining: It happened when I was waiting for imt-g result, I am interested in marketing but I said to god just let me in imt rest i will take care , i will rise myself. This was bargaining just let me in so that my line will be changed from IT to management.

4. Depression: I realized I am not a good bargainer, so I was waitlisted again as you all know its only written score that matters most, not the gd/pi they carry hardly so waiting and than they confirmed me in imt-nagpur , i said what the hell , wait wait wait for some movement but nothing till now. I went to depression for some days because it was like I couldn't believe or probably I expected a lot from myself. I thought my admission will be as likely as lot but :(

5. Acceptance :
Though I cannot say that its as sure as death that I would be going through the whole process next year because of human tendency of being hopeful, but its more or less clear and the fighter in me is out and now I am sure that there is something better waiting for me.
Everything will be okay , I will reach my goal my destiny probably 1-2 years late but one thing is as sure as taxes that I will reach as we know every cloud has silver lining.

For everything you have missed you have gained something else and for everything you gain you loose something else



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Found the following lines on tammuboss blog

Keeping a smile on your face,
When inside you feel like dying,
Just for the sake of happiness of others,
…means Strength

Standing for what you believe in,
Regardless of the odds against you,
And the pressure that tears your resistance,
…means Courage

Stopping at nothing,
And doing what's in your heart,
You know is right,
…means Determination

Doing more than expected,
To make other's life a little more bearable,
Without uttering a single complaint,
…means Compassion

Helping a friend in need,
No matter the time or effort,
To the best of your ability,
…means Loyalty

Giving more than you have,
And expecting nothing
But nothing in return,
…means Selflessness

Holding your head high,
And being the best you know you can be
When life seems to fall apart at your feet,
Facing each difficulty with confidence
That time will bring you better tomorrow's,
And never giving up,
…means Confidence



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Its necessary to fantasize, even though its a voilent one :)
But it really stretches the mind

Tag - Shag Time


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Dk tagged me again thanks a lot , he had tagged me earlier regarding the 8 random things about you. This one is a different type of tag in which I have to do nothing nothing to write about the things about me or what i like or dislike. This is even simpler then the xml tags and i would like to reply using xml tags.

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8 Random Things about me

Carry on the luv part.



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I wish I had a quota
my son would not have gone to kota
to get the slice of iota

But I don't want the quota
I have belief in my hardwork
I don't want to follow the easy path of not doing anything and getting all because when I will do I will learn.

But have you ever thought why this hue and cry regarding the quota is happening, first there was Arjun Singh hell bent on saving his flagging career by coming up with quota in education, Before that our economist prime minister was talking about quota in private sector and now the water is over the head as the communities have started talking about being given ST status i.e quota. I am talking about the currently going on Gurjars protests in NCR and rajasthan for being
given the ST status. Today is a bandh day in NCR by the community and whole of delhi is being cut-off from other states, traffic is getting disrupted, roads are being blocked by force, same is the case with shops. Public property worth crores has been vandalized.

There is just one motto by hook or by crook we have to get the ST status.

The main reason is the make life easier and simple where there is no place for hard work.

What will it lead do, the protest will continue and if the government bends and give them the ST status it will pave way for other communities all over India to protest and get the desired status. This is going towards a wrong way and after 10 years or so I see only general category will be left and all others communities and people of religions other then Hinduisms will be in quota side as we know quota means vote bank means easier path for the politicians of not doing anything just getting a quota status for any community. If the status is awarded then that community will be loyal to that person or party for 10-15 years at least.

Now lets assume that the Gurjar community is successful in getting the ST status so now who will be the real beneficiaries :

  • Those protesting backward people among the community who are fighting and laying their lives
  • Those who are educated people in the community i.e creamy people of the Gurjar community?
According to me it would be the second one the first category will get one or two benefits but we will then see the creamy layer fledging , rich getting richer and poor remaining where they are. First their sons and daughters will do their under graduation from IIT's or AIIMS then post graduation from IIMs and other elite institutions then their children's children will benefit, in short the cycle will go on and on and in few years casualness will peep in form of not taking any tension as we will easily get through.

I am not totally against quota but why it happens people use it each time first to get into a college for UG then for PG then for government jobs and many more. Why is same people keep on getting the benefits ? Why is this quota made one time affair that it can be used only once not again and again as if you have done your education from a reputed college you will easily earn more then 3.5 lakhs and if still you are backward then god save India.

What do you think guys?

New Face of whiteboard


Written on 10:05 AM by nitesh

Woke up at 6 today morning and finally changed the template
Thanks to freshblogtemplates for the template design and various widgets site from where i added some widgets keep reading.

Will also change the template of penthegame



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“Society is a masked ball, where every one hides his real character, and reveals it by hiding”
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

This is what society symbolize to me and in the past few days I have realized this when I came to know about some morons who backbite and don't have the guts to say something in front of me.
Is it worth enough that we should care of it? - No!

To me they are just nincompoop people of the types who believe in keeping their houses clean and throwing garbage outside that is those who don't have the guts to ever go inside themselves and see what weaknesses they have. Its easy to throw stones at others without checking that they themselves are made up of glass.

I know what I am and what are my strengths and weaknesses and I am happy I have got few rarest of rarest gems as my friends who will always be there for me whenever i need them. I go a lot by my intuition but sometimes I have faltered in identifying the backbiters, but now will try to take care about it.

Its up to a person who is able to find some jewels among the morons in the society and I am able to find some, few mistakes sometimes when the jewel turned out to be artificial or a transparent stone.

Better not pay heed to such people in the society

Faceless Man


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I spent a day by the river
It was quiet and the wind stood still
I spent some time with nature
To remind me of all that's real
It's funny how silence speaks sometimes when you're alone
And remember that you feel
I said it's funny how silence speaks sometimes when you're alone
And remember that you feel
Again I stand, Lord I stand,
against the Faceless Man
Again I stand, Lord I stand,
against the Faceless Man



Written on 4:35 PM by nitesh

Sometimes restless
Sometimes happy
Sometimes frustrated
Sometimes yearning for peace of mind
Sometimes feeling like leaving everything aside
Sometimes hyper
Sometimes feeling like crying

I am not able to fully enjoy my life
I am not able to sleep peacefully

I don't know why this mind is churning so many thoughts at a time
I want this mind of mine to do single task at a time for some time
I want peace of mind
I want peace
I want calmness
I want this uneasiness to go away from me.



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“All good things arrive unto them that wait - and don't die in the meantime”

“Everything comes too late for those who only wait.”

Which one to believe ?

Move On


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People leave and go for greener pastures
leaving behind their memories

Be patient
Your day will come

Toastmasters P-8 : Design to meaning


Written on 2:06 PM by nitesh

One project was left though i gave p-10 using slides and p-7 also still it was to be completed.
Trying to upload slides on slideshare but unable will try again

From design to meaning

Our brain possesses two sides logical left and emotional right, both are necessary. On the base of logical left alone one cannot guarantee success so is with the case of right side. We normally use the left side more, I will be telling you about 6 R-sides aptitudes which will help you in becoming a great speaker and presenter. (Take from A whole new mind and

To many business people, design is something you spread on the surface, it's like icing on a cake. It's nice, but not mission-critical. But this is not design only, this is more akin to "decoration." Decoration, for better or worse, is noticeable, for example — sometimes enjoyable, sometimes irritating — but it is unmistakably *there.*

However, sometimes the best designs are so well done that "the design" of it is never even noticed consciously by the observer/user, such as the design of a book or signage in an airport (i.e., we take conscious note of the messages which the design helped make utterly clear, but not the color palette, typography, concept, etc.).

For most of us design come in the end ideally Design starts at the beginning not at the end; it's not an afterthought

It's during the preparation stage that you slow down and "stop your busy mind" so that you may consider your topic and your objectives, your key messages, and your audience. Only then will you begin to sketch out ideas — on paper or just in your head — that will soon find themselves in some digital visual form later

Design- ways : 1-2 ways: on slides


Facts, information, data. Most of it is available on-line or can be sent to people in an email, a PDF attachment, or a hard copy through snail mail. Data and "the facts" have never been more widely available

What begins to matter more [than mere data] is the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact

"Story" is not just about storytelling but about listening to stories and being a part of stories i.e people will listen to you more if your stories are from true experiences and not cooked up ones


Focus, specialization, and analysis have been important in the "information age," but in the "conceptual age" synthesis and the ability to take seemingly unrelated pieces and form and articulate the big picture before us is crucial,

The best presenters can illuminate the relationships that we may not have seen before


Empathy is emotional. It's about putting yourself in the position of others. It involves an understanding of the importance of the nonverbal cues of others and being aware of your own

User Interface of websites example

Empathy allows a presenter, even without thinking about it, to notice when the audience is "getting it" and when they are not. The empathetic presenter can make adjustments based on his reading of this particular audience.


Its not only about seriousness
Each presentation situation is different, but in many (most?) public speaking situations playfulness and humor can go along way.
Laughter is a form of nonverbal communication that conveys empathy and that is even more contagious than the yawn...

I believe making a presentation is an opportunity to make a small difference in the world

A presentation gone badly can have devastating impact on your spirit and on your career. But a presentation which goes insanely well can be extremely fulfilling for both you and the audience, and it might even help your career

If you are lucky, you're in a job that you feel passionate about. If so, then it's with excitement that you look forward to the possibility of sharing your expertise — your story — with others. Few things can be more rewarding than connecting with someone

If you are lucky, you're in a job that you feel passionate about. If so, then it's with excitement that you look forward to the possibility of sharing your expertise — your story — with others. Few things can be more rewarding than connecting with someone, with teaching something new, or sharing that which you feel is very important with others

Conclusion: Some text I now forgot

Toastmasters Speech-10 : Personal Branding


Written on 3:06 PM by nitesh

This is project 10

Inspiring your audience
I motivated them for personal improvement

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela for non violence
Sachin, dravid for elegance,
Dhirubhai ambani, tata for their vision
Edison for his never say die attitude
Sharukh khan for his repetitive roles in late 90’s
Vijay mallay for extravagant living
These people are known for one thing or other, that they have one unique thing

Do you have one unique thing that separates you from the herd ?
Do you have that in it you ?
What’s your brand i.e what are you know for ?

Good afternoon everyone

I will be covering three things first what is branding , why personal branding and finally how personal branding.

Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you’re saying about
Yourself. Brand is that which arouses emotions , ignites passions, echoes reliability and have a meaning
First of all let us understand what is branding( explain the example)
Now I will explain to you why personal branding is required
Water + Sugar + Fizz (put it into a can) = Costs less than Rs2

One more cut a person into pieces and try to sell it you will hardly get anything and remodel that person as sharukh khan and you will get millions.

So Do you guys realize what branding can do to a company, product or an individual.
Let me give you an example from our world i.e IT world
Ram and Shyam are two IT professionals who met at a evening networking session and they start talking to each other, They smile shake hands and introduce themselves
Ram introduces first and says : Hi I am a software professional presently working as a project manager in an MNC.
Shyam takes the words software engineer, project manager and makes a picture of Ram

Now Ram asks Shyam what does he do Shyam says smilingly last week my client called me a ‘Senior sleep consultant’ and Career Accelerator as last project implementation went perfectly smooth in last quarter.

Now relating the the benefits of powerful brand
Higher Value: In clients mind there may be many technological professional but there would be only one Shyam and this will enable him to command higher rates

Lower Cost of sale: We are always selling something to others, we sell ideas we sell ourselves and if we have a strong personal brand the selling would be easier.

Implied Assurance:
Shyam clients know that he will do whatever it takes to deliver project on time, His reputation spreads as his clients tell others about him thereby increasing his credibility.

You and me we all are brands we all are marketing heads of our own company called You Inc.

Now its you who have to decide what’s your brand reflects now, how you want it to be reflected and what are you doing to increasing your brand.
I am now going to tell you few simple steps required in building a personal brand.

But please remember
Building a personal Brand is always a journey not a destination: Treat it like a work in progress, you are either growing it or shrinking it there is no middle path.

First is discover: just ask yourself how do you want to be remembered after you are gone, you will get the answer. Give example of Actors, players, other personalities

Design: Once you have discovered who you are and what you want to be known as you have to decide how you will influence your target audience using your past experience and new learning’s

Deploy: How should others feel your brand, designing is important but implementations is far more important.

Deal: In this part of journey you must walk the talk i.e you must live upto your brand. Do keep the promises that you

Brand stands for truth brands stands for consistency.

You look around you will find lots of examples who symbolize for all the above phases
And finally you will become a company Me Inc or You Inc where you will be the CEO
And it will be know for following things

Aamir khan example

You Inc i.e your incorporation
You not as a person but as an organization as a company, its not Pradeep or Sudeshna but as Pradeep Inc or Sudeshna Inc where you are CEO of your company
I have jotted down my points how I want to be known as , I will not discuss those with you as I want them to be visible in due course of time.

Now if you ask me when is good time to start
I would say yesterday If you wait for the write time I can assure you that write time will never come.

Thankyou and good luck

Fad vs Passions


Written on 12:39 PM by nitesh

  • German
  • Kafka or I can say philosophical books
  • Pool
  • Some Finance Certifications like CFA

These are some of my new fads, Now some reasons why I am not able to peruse them. Enquired about German the lady is charging 7500 for a six month course, I want to do it in 2-3 months and 7500 is way too high as there is no certification from a reputed German teaching institute. Pool, tables are in Atta market not near my home can't go daily :)

No reasons for Kafka will start it soon, read Archers new novel waiting for Advani's autobiography to be delivered. Need to figure out the finance certification stuff.

Now the big question how to turn Fad into a passion?

Looking for answer....... hopefully will get it.

Life has now become a waiting game for my MBA dreams wait listed at 2 places, will write soon in detail on great Indian MBA tamasha.



Written on 4:05 PM by nitesh

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.

Smile on Face: Pain in Heart : Fear in Mind


Written on 10:04 AM by nitesh

What should one do when in a situation one can't do anything except waiting for things to happen and expect best to happen. You all would say chill and relax ........ but what if the wait is traumatizing since long time and you fail in one and only few good things can happen i.e chances for success are diminishing slowly or I can say when one starts to loose faith in yourself, seeing that others are getting what they want and you are still left waiting , crying in heart feeling the itch and fearing for the future. Fear of failure starts to peep in.

Though there is saying in English all is well that ends well..... but what if you are

not a super strong person and wait is killing you.

What should you do?

I don't know what to do, I am eagerly waiting for the day when I will get what I want and hence a sound tension free sleep. I want my mind to be free from any tensions and fears, God give me strength and courage to come out of this phase, help me I have not done bad in this world. This wait is leading to me not able to concentrate on anything, not able to read and do other stuff what I want to do now.

Not even a single moment leave the day, hours aside, passes when I am not thinking about it in the back of my mind. And the pain increases when people you meet say ohh you will definitely get through (tera to hoh hi jayega), and when you fail you start questioning yourself.
This is frustrating.....
Life is not easy.....

Waiting for my moment of triumph

Rising Rupee vs. Dollar: It means a great challenge for the Indian IT Firms


Written on 10:26 AM by nitesh

Debate contest was held in my company's Toastmasters club and I won the second runners up prize :)


The rupee’s appreciation against the US dollar is the latest economic challenge for India Inc.Normally currencies appreciate when economies are doing well and a rise in their value is a cause for celebration. It is an indicator of a booming economy with increasing international business.

Dollar is depreciating for various reasons and I don’t want to discuss the reasons, reality is it is depreciating and it is expected to depreciate further. This is not a new phenomena Japan dealt with it in 60’s when 1$ = 400 yen and it has tanked to 1$ = 100 yen so is the East Asian economies in 80’s and we have to tackle it now.

This phenomenon has mixed affects, some sectors are gaining and some are loosing. Textiles and the IT sector are the two sectors which are getting adversely affected.
IT firms are facing challenges because more than 70% of the revenues comes from US and wage costs are also increasing due to shortage of skilled and talented manpower
The situation has bring in new challenges for the IT companies, expected profit targets of almost all the companies have decreased in last quarter.

We are facing increasing competition from countries like china, Vietnam, Philippines, east European nations as they are providing options for cheaper outsourcing destinations. But still we are 10-15 years ahead of them and have advantage in terms of talented English speaking manpower.

There are fears that if recession really comes in US economy than the outsourcing work will lessen. Despite of all this factors still the Indian IT industry is gaining new heights, our exports touched 40$ billion dollar mark this year and we are expected to cross the 60$ billion dollar mark set for 2010 much earlier.

We cant sit on laurels and wait for things to happen itself, it is a challenging situation and we have to tackle it

Lets discuss some of the solutions

I have categorized solutions under three categories

Macro Level Solutions

These basically deal with what new things industry can do.

In my opinion we should follow the Explore – Innovate-Disseminate Approach

In explore

Look for new markets like European nations, Australia, South American nations which will lessen the dependency on USA. Companies are doing that already for TCS revenue from US is 52% for Satyam its 56%.We need to become truly multinational now.
We should also look for the Indian market which is expected to touch the 25 billion dollar mark by 2010.


Time is now ripe to move up the value chain, we should now not work as mere vendors but as partners of companies. If Indians as a part of Silicon Valley make world beating products there why can’t we develop products here and earn a few dollars more by selling licenses.We should go for consulting, systems integration and other high end work.


We should market ourselves in first as a Cheap outsourcing destination in whole and also as separate companies stressing on our specializations their by making a brand. E.g. Satyam Fifa 2010 and 2014 sponsors and around 10-15% of its revenues is coming from Sports outsourcing work

Micro Level Solutions
What should be done internally in the company?

Reducing Costs but how some will say bring in more fresher’s sorry I don’t totally agree with it, if you plan to run the company with fresher’s than go for those projects which are not highly technical and don’t require in depth knowledge and experience otherwise it will in long run lead to losses.

  • Stressing on code reusability,
  • Trainings of employees be it technical or non technical
  • Decentralizing the way of working which will make every employee feel honored about the company they are working in
  • Employee should be always kept motivated and his proper care should be taken so that he is always charger up in his work.
  • To cut the operating costs the companies need to move the low end work to tier-2 cities like Gandhi agar, Pune etc
  • Hedging is a short term measure

Governmental Measures

What can be expected from government?

This is the sector which put India on the global map and in 2009 tax benefits are to end so now the companies NASCOMM in particular should lobby with the government to remove the MAT ( minimum alternative tax)

There are lot of issues in making our currency either fixed like China or making it fully convertible like dollar so that is not an easy option.


The Indian IT sector is expected to show robust growth in 2008.

However the dollar will continue to depreciating because of recession fears in US and also fears of countries like China, Korea moving a chunk of their forex reserves from US to other economies like Europe and Japan. Indian IT companies will be able to come out of this challenge and will remain the most preferred destination for IT-ITes work.



Written on 2:48 PM by nitesh

SPjain GMba interview , It was on 8th March

3 essays
Wrote one pathetically but other two were okay :)

GD: technology can solve all problems
gave 3-4 gud points overall a decent performance

2 persons
one lady one guy

G1= Tell me about yourself
me blah blah

G= Did you join any coaching
me = no coaching but test series

L= which other calls do u have
me = IIFT, IMT-G

L= what's your % this year
me 96

L= did you gave cat any other time
me= yes when in college

L: % that year
me= 91

L= only gain of 5%
me = competition has also increased :)

L= try next year for iims
me = loss of opportunity cost :)

L= If all three gets converted which one would u prefer
me = Gmba why because its giving me global exposure which is must nowadays
as a company needs to be multinational to grow , gave example from past when i
didnt join NIT-K but joined daiict

L: Your father is a professor tell me 2 qualities which you have learnt from him
me: patience and never say die attitude giving exapmples and resons

G: There is a one more guy from your company
me : yes i know him my company is small so I know almost everyone :)

L: So if there is one seat whom we should take you or him
me: this is a tricky question

L: yes it is :)
me: okay you should choose me as i am one year younger to him and have gained much more expereince and exposure that him in less time and some more points which i have forgotten

G: you mother is a MA -BEd why she is not teaching
me : :) she is more interested in bringing me and my sister up.

L: Why Product marketing but not services marketing as you are from service sector
me: there is not much different in the both , there are lot of IT companies which develops products as well and above all marketing a product require more creative skills, out of box thinking as you are introducing a new product you need to change/divert people attention/perception towards your product, I want to do this.

L: Newspaper
me : toi

L: what on current affairs should we ask
me: anything on sports

L: dont know about sports
me: on subprime or budget

L: I am a layman explain subprime crisis to me
me : explained it beautifully in 2-3 minutes

L: 3 major highlights of budget
me: defence allocation, 60K crore and tax slabs

both smiling you can go now

lasted for around 14-15 minutes

Cleared this stage and was called for director's interview

Director : Tell me about your work-ex
me : told him

D: why marketing
me: told him

any questions
yes something on scholarship, and when the course is starting
he gave me the answers

he was compiling the scores according to me , writing some comments on paper and scores of othes sub sections( gd etc)

then he put the paper on a stack ( there were two stacks of those paper i dont know where is mine gone ... )

Hoping for the best

IMT-G GD-PI experience : bikasoul :)


Written on 6:21 PM by nitesh

IMT interview expereince

GD topic : initially we were given 2 topics we had to select the group quickly decided
"The future lies in globalization"

8 minutes - 15 speaker

was the 2nd speaker to speak gave some points it is good for all political , social economic and cultural benefits
came in 2-3 time in between
and gave a good point of GLOCOLIZE globalizing keeping our local values and ethos intact group appreaciated the point

summarized and wrote summary were given around 3 minutes to write , working on keyboard has slowed down my writing speed


3 people

L1, P1 , P2

P2 : tell me something about yourself which is not in this from
me : some blah , but came to hobbies so he said its there tell me your strengths and weaknees
I said adaptability and team spirit

p2: what made you think you are adaptable
some bak bak and than gave example of rural internship in tejgarh

p2 now about team spirit
some bak bak and elaborated on work done during synapse

p1 difference between core2duo and dualcore . dont you think it is just a marketng gimmik
me : no not only marketing main difference is between processing power one is more powerful than other
and some thing about marketing also it is necessary

p1 difference between c and c++
me : gave the usual answer object oriented

p1 that we know explain as if you are explaining to a lehman
me okay explained using the example of room ... room is class chair table objects all
blah blah encapsulation etc

p1: any other language which is object oriented
me: java , it is used more as lots of guys are continuously enhancing it etc

p1 do you know about scandanavien community
me : no idea sir

p1 but you are ict engineer
me sorry sir no idea

p2 why mba
me goals etc

p1: out of the blue question ur hands are shivering are u nervous
me no sir these are not shivering just body language

p1: do you booze
me : yes

p1 : how often
me once a month

p1: no you are not telling the truth
me : smiling yes sir it is truth, last drank this date and the next one will hopefully in next month :)

p2: what did u eat last night
me : was not feeling well so had a light dinner

p2: have something offering biscuits
me : no thankyou sir

p1: again shocking me start taking bikasoul from now ownwards otherwise you will be facing serious music in near future ( he was smiling)
me : smiling what to say was thinking about the words serious music in near future

l3: what are u passionate about
me: sports
lot of bak bak following and playing something about blog also

all three smiling

me smiling thankyou

lasted for around 14-15 minutes

was enjoying it :) specially the bikasoul part :)

hoping for the best rest is luck

IIFT interview experience


Written on 6:11 PM by nitesh

Posting very late here at blog, posted in pagalguy

Profile :
X- 86%
XII- 89%
btech- 72%
wrk-ex - 19 months

GD topic : Increasing connectivity in social empowerment

There were 9 guys in total for the GD 2 were absent

Overall the discussion was healthy no fish market sort of
Initially 2 minutes for my turn -- since 3-4 guys already had explained what is social empowerment discussed education and gud gdp growth has made people ask questions, politicians are slowly becoming accountable
so went from rural india perspective women still not have their say increasing female foeticide , crime against women ,
Role of NGO's named few social workers medha partker and testa stelvad they have become the voice of people who are not socially empowered
blah blah about NREGA

Group Discussed -
From rural perspective
Urban perspective
blogging, media , tv , radio , movies RDB MBBS,
discussed a lot on NREGA and RTI

i chipped in sometimes with PIL , need to education the rural people specially about agri since lot of india is dependent on agriculture , role to be played by agri universities

group said a
lot about infrastructure ..... roads link whole india villages etc
role of radio in rural india , media etc

from global perspective some abt china, pakistan probs in iran etc australians abrogines etc

decent gd

3 persons
one lady L1 and 2 guys

L1- what do u want to do in life
me- short term marketing bak bak
long term want to be generalist specialist
L1 interrupts generalist specialist seems to be a nice term explain it
explained it
L1 - give an example of such type of person
me - gave
L1 - what is a gud brand
me- the thing which when talked about hits ur mind the most
example of apple :)
L1- you have to market ur company how will u do it
me - mine is a small company so said
1. do gud work deliver on time the clients will give testimonials etc
2. CSR will raise the awaireness abt the company in society
3. media paper etc

L1 - okay

G1 - tell me gud and bad points of ur comapny
me - 3-4 gud points and 1 bad point

G2 - what are the clients of ur company
me - told the names

G2 - ur company have to set up an office in US what are the decisions u would take
me - we already have a sales office sir
G2 - what if it is the first one
me - it shld be nearest to the client like present one is at San Jose some bak bak
the talent should be there as , some of the employees should be hired from the place where u are setting up the office ( localy guys )
cheap resources etc

G1 - what is the revenue model of the company
me - bak bak most US and few from India

All smile and said okay u can go

no hobbies no sports no economics all general

it went hardly for 8-10 minutes

PI was mast GD decent
Fingers crossed :)

Dollar vs Rupee


Written on 6:16 PM by nitesh

Currency appreciation is an indicator of booming economy with increasing international business. Rupee has appreciated around 12-14% in the past year. This has brought new challenges and new opportunities as well.
Dollar is depreciating because of huge US govt borrowings, high current account deficits, budget deficits and low savings rate. The inflow of USD has increased in indian economy due to various ways like External commercial borrowings, FII's , FDI and all these have caused the rupee to appreciate against the dollar.

This trend is expected the continue further as more and more money is expected to be pumped in growing countries specially the BRIC ones. Other reason is countries like China may plan to shift their forex reserves from US to basket of currencies, their by dumping dollars in the market further depreciating the dollar.

It is impacting our exports in negative way and imports in positive way. Out rising import bill is curtailed, we are able to bear the challenges of rising oil prices in international market because of the appreciation of rupee and hence keep inflation under control.We can increase our spending on infrastructure and setting up industries as procurement of engineering goods from outside India will be cheaper. Companies like Ranbaxy and L&T have been able to generate forex gains in the last quarter because they have substantial exposure to ECBs.Tata's corus funding has become cheaper :) .
Good time for Indian consumers interested in buying imported goods as electronics items ,cars etc are all cheaper now. Holidays to Europe and US are cheaper now.
Indian companies are expanding a lot abroad as acquiring companies has become cheaper enabling the companies the pursue the dreams of becoming Indians multinationals.
This is a good time to pay our external debt :)

Indian exporters are facing lot of problems, gems jewelery and textile exports have become cheaper now and margins are getting squeezed. Specially in the textiles sector lot of workers have been laid off. It is right time for these companies to move up the ladder by manufacturing luxurious items that is high value goods which will bring in more returns and help them survive the new challenges. Medium and small scale sector companies in the above sectors are facing problems.

Indian service sector, which rose when the rupee depreciated in the early 90's from 25 to 45 is now facing the challenges of appreciating. Though revenues are increasing but profits are getting squeezed and growth of the overall sector is expected to be slowing down to some extent but not in a big way.
It companies are decreasing their exposure to the US market by focusing on Europe and Australia also, Satyam US revenues have come down to approx 50% level, so are other companies trying. Companies are trying to move up the value chain through consulting and making products also and decreasing the bench strength and providing more trainings etc. IT companies are acquiring companies abroad and at places which are nearer to the clients at cheaper markets.

With the US economy expected to go in recession it may bring in more outsourcing work for the service sector as it will lessen the cost of companies in US.

RBI have to make such policies which bring in lot of money in India now as all are fearing to put their money in US markets. Let the money be invested in infrastructure, mining , and other sectors.
Mindset should be changed in tackling with this problem and opportunity, search for new markets and build industrial base should be the mantra.
Need is to bring better infrastructure like roads, ports and airports which will to some extent lessen the logistics cost of indian exporters and it will also promote the exports.

Future is bright for India , japan came out of it in the 60's when one dollar was 360 yen and it appreciated to around 100 yen , we will also be able to tackle the problems.

Time to develop indian brands .... soft power

Toastmasters- Tall Tale Contest : Prabhu Ji


Written on 8:44 PM by nitesh

Gave a tall tale on mithun-da, he is a tall tale in itself, thanks to great bong from where i took most of the points and other mithun sites and pics also from net

Was disqualified as took 15-30 seconds more :( but it was fun
now 7 projects done 3 left :)

Used slides also

Here it goes

A buxom lady is going to have the shoulder of her blouse torn by a bunch of marauding ruffians. Suddenly, a bottle rolls on the ground and a Man enters the screen. The hooligans ask “Who are you?” In a voice that would make the blood of tigers run cold (old jungle proverb), He says:

I look like a drunken and i run like a horse i hit like a hammer"

The man. The legend. Mithun Chakraborty. Some call him Mithun-da
Mithun-da is one of my idols. I will go even further and say He is my God. I believe in Him. I call him prabhuji

And like any fanatic love , I am here to spread the religion mithunism here and hope to salvage many mithunless souls but first

I have to confess. My faith in Him had faltered. Once

On the very first day of shooting for Mithun-da’s new movie “Chingari” directed by Kalpana Lajmi, the traditional rape sequence was being picturized between Mithun-da and Sushmita Sen. However Sushmita, who is somewhat of a nag and a pathetic pseudo, left the sets fuming about how Mithun touched her inappropriately during the scene.

Despite the irony of inappropriate fondling during a rape scene, I was distraught. How could Prabhu do this to a girl his daughter’s age? I cried myself to sleep and in my dreams, Mithun-da came to me, whispering words of wisdom.

He said nothing. In my dream, He was standing on a desolate beach with dolorous weather-beaten eyes. He bent down, picked up a fistful of sand, and let it fall through His fingers. I immediately understood what He meant—-the ephemeral nature of the human body, ashes to ashes –dust to dust—-what is one touch here or there ? It’s all Maya.

How true. I was born again

Mithun-da is versatile. No living actor has essayed as many diverse roles from tribal, gunda , taxi driver to james bond.

A word about Mithun-da’s Bond avatar. It’s one of this century’s biggest tragedies that so few people know about our Desi Bond– G-9 . While he may not have worn exquisitely tailored suits or sipped Dom Perignon below 38F, Mithun-da is the only Bond to have group danced with a gaggle of ladies in skin tights.

Talking of villains, in almost all movies Prabhuji has tackled the scariest villains ever seen on screen. In other words, the scum of the earth as represented by the lusty Bulla, the dark Kala Shetty, the hapless Lucky Chikna, the sly Ibu Hatela, the politically well-connected Lamboo Ata and the fearless Ballu Bakra. Each of these accursed souls have been dispatched to their maker by Prabhuji with style

Not only is Mithun-da India’s greatest actor and superhero, He is a very keen businessman. And a visionary to boot. If Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry in the early 20th century with the use of the “assembly line”,

Mithun-da has done something similar with movies. Sick and tired of Mumbai’s loss-making film industry, He started an alternative center for high-quality yet money-making movies in beautiful Ootie. Movies are efficiently produced within two weeks—from conception to the finished product.

The baseline plot is –Mithun-da is an honest man, His father gets killed, His sister gets raped and then He takes revenge. As simple as that, and when base is ready one can make any kinds of softwares on that.

Like many geniuses, Prabhu-ji’s greatness has not been appreciated. While duds like Shahrukh keep on getting one Filmfare after another for crappy lovefests, Mithun-da has to be content with measly “Best villain” awards. BS I tell you ! And His greatest movie, “Gunda” surely deserved the Oscars much more than that monstrosity “Titanic”............. there are 2 kinds of people in this world those who have watched gunda and those who shall watch it :)

Just like Spielberg plagiarized Satyajit Ray’s script to make ET, countless number of Hollywood hotshots have shamelessly copied from the holy texts without so much as a hat tip.

Mithun-da’s movie “Boxer” was an inspirational story of how a no-hoper becomes a champion boxer—with his coach being a monkey whom Mithun-da feeds bananas. Stallone lifted the concept for “Rocky”

And then in another movie, he suspends himself mid air and kicks the enemy in super slow mo—–yes the precursor of “Matrix” which incidentally should have been called “Mithun Tricks”, salute to a man who has counted to infinity twice yes rajni as supporting actor .

In a similar situation, I once remember Mithun-da running when a villain fires a bullet. What follows is a breathless chase—bullet flying, Mithun-da running, bullet flying, Mithun running. Then when the bullet is gaining on Him, Mithun-da suddenly steps aside and the bullet passes Him by a whisker. Only then does He realize the bullet is going to hit His widowed mother. Now it is Mithun running, bullet flying, Mithun running, bullet flying. And at the last moment, He grabs the bullet and saves His mother. maaaaaaaaaa

Simply divine.

He inspired India’s 21st century economic prosperity with the inspirational line “if you want to eat halva than u will have to dance —-but I shall leave that for now.

Because it is now time for prayers.

Long live mithun da

Thanks again to greatbong and lots of mithun fans