Empty Spaces


Written on 5:35 PM by nitesh

Today I am feeling low as it was my mentor's last day in my company. She is like elder sister to me and a very dear friend. Sometimes the other person don't know what they mean to us , how they affect our lives. She is the one who encouraged me when I was low and guided me when I needed guidance. She is joining as HR Head in a mnc and I know she will be a great asset to that company.
I have see very few persons with such good interpersonal skills, she has a habit of gelling with other persons so easily. I know she will not be as approachable as she was when in my company as I barged into her cubicle any time I wanted to, but now it will not be like that before.

But I am happy as every one need to take new challenges and gain experiences in their life. She meant a lot to me and will mean a lot all my life. If ever in my life I become capable enough to open my company she will the first person who will be offered the post of President-HR.
Best of Luck :)