Next President !! Not politician Please


Written on 10:43 AM by nitesh

Countdown for electing the next president of Republic on India has begun. Successfull term of people's president Abdul Kalam will end in June. This time the race is clearly one way with congress, left and BSP are expected to field a joint candidate and they are expected to win as they have clear majority in the electoral collage. All the parties are concentrating on choosing a candidate who till now seems that will be a political one, i.e having a political background.

Few days back names of Pranab Mukherjee , Somnath Chatterji and some other politicians about whom 95% of India might not be aware of.
Just imagine that Somnath Chatterjee is elected as the next president of India, how do you feel thinking about it. I will not be able to someone if he asks me about the POI, Somnath does not have the right credentials to be the next president.

Other name which popped up yesterday was of another icon ( bad to me ) Arjun Singh , vote grabber politician , mandal man , quota man , man who can barely stand erect leave aside walking. My mind goes haywire when I imagine him as President OF India. If he gets elected i feel ashamed to be an Indian .... no way arjun singh ... you retire please...if he becomes somehow there will be only quota and quota nothing else.

I can't think of a name who can be compared to Abdul Kalam. Is there no one of his stature?? no one right now. How pity situation we are in right now population of 1 billion and no one comparable to stature of Abdul Kalam. Last time thanks to SP who came up with Missile Man's name and others were forced to support the name even some were not willing from their hearts like Congress.

God save the country: politicians have already ruined the nation for 60 years , they are just part of problem , when they will provide solutions.
India is shining in only in those sectors where government has lossened its control or politicians has stopped interfering in it.

Other major incident of last week was done by the great economist honourable PM Manmohan Singh, The great Nehru follower of social equality that equality/philosphy which took us back by 50 years (read Gurucharan Das's India Unbound to know more) , He said there should be parity in salaries... why the hell it should be ??? . they work hard not loot hard as politicians do. We are proud of Indian business class who has took india on world stage. Government should concentrate more on producing more managers rather then speaking such shitty things. Get more world class institutes where students can study rather then making hullabaloo on quota quota to garner votes.
There is no thing called social equality to me , I am big fan (can't follow ) Ayn Rand objectivism philosophy.

Indians wait for few years the whole environment will change, younger India will soon join the politics, not as youngsters in congress party who are not allowed to shine more then Rahul Gandhi, otherwise the next PM's ( he will be) image will lessen.

Written in haphazard manner sorry