Steps to Control Terrorism in India


Written on 4:20 PM by nitesh

Well the attacks are finally over now is the time for action. Officially around one hundred eighty have died but unofficially it must be around two hundred fifty.

Following steps can be taken which I see

First Point
A centralized agency whose head is only accountable to prime minister of India , that no need for bureaucracy and other permissions.
Three to four tier coastal security for India's highly susceptible to danger coastal line.

Second Point.
Increase coordination between Raw, IB, CBI , CID . These agencies and many other should be interacting with each other so that we can act together in any case whether terrorists attacks or any other danger on Indian country.

Third Point.

A change in foreign policy, infact we don't have any concrete policy at all in case of our dangerous neighbors from nepal, Bangladesh , Pakistan , sri lanka and china above all.
China is coming deep inside our neighboring countries with plans for infrastructure and other help for the countries, Bangladesh is almost a out of control country on the lines of Pakistan. Bangladesh soldiers come and attack inside Indian territory and we do nothing, chinese are coming inside Sikkim and arunachal pradesh and we in a hush hush way try to keep the infiltration silent in short doing nothing.
China is building roads and train network in neighboring areas of arunachal pradesh and we dont even have a fully developed road network there.

We need to change our tendency of getting equal returns from the saarc countries, time is to give them more so that their economy is lifted , they are educated and things like opting for terrorists deeds in shortage of food can be avoided.

Fourth Point.

First lets read the conversation which could have gone between Zardari and Manmohan Singh

MS: Angry . Send your ISI chief we want to discuss facts with him.
Zardari: Well Sir i am sorry about what has happened in Indian, I am with you in this matter and cooperate full support as you now ji we are also the sufferers in this case, You know how they destroyed our Marriot hotel , you could have learn't from happenings here in Pakistan and tried to be vigilant. We will send you the isi chief you can discuss what you want with him.
MS: Ya I know you are also sufferers of terrorism like us , bye
Zardari: Okay friend we are with you in this matter we are also suffers like you.

Today morning Pakistan do a U turn and says we are not going to send isi chief to discuss facts with India but we are with India in this matter.

Is this the way a contry who think itself as future America that is future super power behave.
Time is ripe for some action, I don't understand what will calling the ISI chief of pakistan do. Manmohan Singh or the government must be thinking that junta is very angry we need to give some strong message to the public of India that we are doing something so lets call the ISI chief.

Common what will that do and other thing like organizing a cabinet meeting without calling the suit changing home minister Mr Patil , he is not the only one who is at fault all of you and you Mr Manmohan singh as the captain of Indian government are also at fault.

So step like a future super power would be to send in commandoes to certain areas of pakistan in POK and other areas to capture some militants and show some thing to the world that we not weak. Israel has done like this many time why cant we do it.

Fifth Point.
Destroy the mafia in mumbai which is also one of the helper in the mumbai blasts, we have done it many times now give some more powers to ATS and destroy it completely. Though some funds to political parties or bollywood movie makers may be coming via mafia but we need to take action.

Sixth Point.
Reform the police , give them some good training, get their tummies inside.
This is most important.

Seventh Point.
Give the police some weapons which are relevant in 2008 they should not be using weapons which were used in the 60's , they could never have been able to kill the terrorists using the latest guns.

Imagine a scenario:

If this could have happened we would have been raped.

Three main metropolitan cities Mumbai, Chennai , Kolkatta -
Three small ships from areas Karachi, LTTE area, Bangladesh
Dhoom - Dhoom in this three cities
We couldn't' have been able to do anything
It is very possible , it could have happened as our neighboring areas are sensitive.

Following are the steps which i see i will update if i get more and readers are request to add more.

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