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I wish I had a quota
my son would not have gone to kota
to get the slice of iota

But I don't want the quota
I have belief in my hardwork
I don't want to follow the easy path of not doing anything and getting all because when I will do I will learn.

But have you ever thought why this hue and cry regarding the quota is happening, first there was Arjun Singh hell bent on saving his flagging career by coming up with quota in education, Before that our economist prime minister was talking about quota in private sector and now the water is over the head as the communities have started talking about being given ST status i.e quota. I am talking about the currently going on Gurjars protests in NCR and rajasthan for being
given the ST status. Today is a bandh day in NCR by the community and whole of delhi is being cut-off from other states, traffic is getting disrupted, roads are being blocked by force, same is the case with shops. Public property worth crores has been vandalized.

There is just one motto by hook or by crook we have to get the ST status.

The main reason is the make life easier and simple where there is no place for hard work.

What will it lead do, the protest will continue and if the government bends and give them the ST status it will pave way for other communities all over India to protest and get the desired status. This is going towards a wrong way and after 10 years or so I see only general category will be left and all others communities and people of religions other then Hinduisms will be in quota side as we know quota means vote bank means easier path for the politicians of not doing anything just getting a quota status for any community. If the status is awarded then that community will be loyal to that person or party for 10-15 years at least.

Now lets assume that the Gurjar community is successful in getting the ST status so now who will be the real beneficiaries :

  • Those protesting backward people among the community who are fighting and laying their lives
  • Those who are educated people in the community i.e creamy people of the Gurjar community?
According to me it would be the second one the first category will get one or two benefits but we will then see the creamy layer fledging , rich getting richer and poor remaining where they are. First their sons and daughters will do their under graduation from IIT's or AIIMS then post graduation from IIMs and other elite institutions then their children's children will benefit, in short the cycle will go on and on and in few years casualness will peep in form of not taking any tension as we will easily get through.

I am not totally against quota but why it happens people use it each time first to get into a college for UG then for PG then for government jobs and many more. Why is same people keep on getting the benefits ? Why is this quota made one time affair that it can be used only once not again and again as if you have done your education from a reputed college you will easily earn more then 3.5 lakhs and if still you are backward then god save India.

What do you think guys?

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  1. AbhiTaneja |

    Duniya ka dastoor hai dost!

    And if you remember Gurjars did the same thing about a year back.
    Not very long before we General junta would have to make such protests.

  2. nitesh |

    haan rightly said
    i hope aisa na karna pade
    but it seems quite possible as things are going on


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