Indian IT Companies Measures in Recession


Written on 4:19 PM by nitesh

Ya It seams that the good timings are over now in IT world and now the time has come for youngsters to look beyond IT. There are many reasons for that one of the major is the IT labors number have increase so much that they are always looked downwards where ever they go be it for higher technical education or an mba. Ohh you are just another IT engineer in India, there is shortage of people in other streams in India be it mechanical or electrical.

Recession (some big shot management people call it regression in my office :D ) has taken a heavy toll everywhere, companies are going for drastic measures below are some of the following:

  • No need for flexi timings from now, company comes first employee later. Even though if employee is giving full productive hours.
  • Subsidy has been removed from bus , cab and lunch. Lunch charges in my company are not 1050 from 450, cab charges are 4500 and bus charges are 3000. All these are monthly charges. Every thing has been raised more then 70% apart from the salary. This is in case of companies which are no way near to getting affected by recession as they hardly have any financial clients.
  • Working hours getting increased in most of the companies from 8.30 to 9.30 hours
  • I am afraid they don't come up with the pathetic idea of working on Saturday, if they come than it will be their loss as in IT people are so stressed out over the week days working for late hours and if Saturday is made working than the culture of government style working will peep in i.e no more staying late.
  • Every one is being monitored nowadays from intelligent managers to useless coders.
  • Its very good times for HR people this is not my brain speaking but what i see here in my office, change daily birthday posters and keep the notice boards up2date, I have never seen them interact with any employee about how are you working.
There are many advantages of working in small company as you see and observe things very closely which you wouldn't have noticed in a big company, you learn a lot of things and you skip a lot of things which you could have learnt in a biggie.

These are tough times and we will get through them in one year or two. But now is the right time to enhance our other skills apart from technical skills be it communication skills or evaluation skills.

Every cloud has a silver linning and there is darkness before dawn sets in so this is a learning phase for me also in starting of my career that these kind of things can come and you have to come up with innovative ways to tackle them. Tested and implemented ways are not always successfull.

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