5 Stages of Grief


Written on 5:57 PM by nitesh

One of my friend was discussing these and I came to know about the stages. He was talking about these stages in movie Bucket List.

These are the same stages I have gone through , let me tell you one by one
1. Denial - iift call rejected after interview and gd. Still don't know where was the fault. So at this stage I was like No No it cant be , this can't happen.

2. Anger- wait listed for Spjain this is not the mumbai's one (as my btech acads poor so no call), this is Singapore one. Everything was fine went till the last stage. I was angry why I am wait listed probably because my work ex was less only 20 months and there were lot of guys with 3-4 years experience. But still it was Why me , its not fair.

3. Bargaining: It happened when I was waiting for imt-g result, I am interested in marketing but I said to god just let me in imt rest i will take care , i will rise myself. This was bargaining just let me in so that my line will be changed from IT to management.

4. Depression: I realized I am not a good bargainer, so I was waitlisted again as you all know its only written score that matters most, not the gd/pi they carry hardly so waiting and than they confirmed me in imt-nagpur , i said what the hell , wait wait wait for some movement but nothing till now. I went to depression for some days because it was like I couldn't believe or probably I expected a lot from myself. I thought my admission will be as likely as lot but :(

5. Acceptance :
Though I cannot say that its as sure as death that I would be going through the whole process next year because of human tendency of being hopeful, but its more or less clear and the fighter in me is out and now I am sure that there is something better waiting for me.
Everything will be okay , I will reach my goal my destiny probably 1-2 years late but one thing is as sure as taxes that I will reach as we know every cloud has silver lining.

For everything you have missed you have gained something else and for everything you gain you loose something else

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