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Profile :
X- 86%
XII- 89%
btech- 72%
wrk-ex - 19 months

GD topic : Increasing connectivity in social empowerment

There were 9 guys in total for the GD 2 were absent

Overall the discussion was healthy no fish market sort of
Initially 2 minutes for my turn -- since 3-4 guys already had explained what is social empowerment discussed education and gud gdp growth has made people ask questions, politicians are slowly becoming accountable
so went from rural india perspective women still not have their say increasing female foeticide , crime against women ,
Role of NGO's named few social workers medha partker and testa stelvad they have become the voice of people who are not socially empowered
blah blah about NREGA

Group Discussed -
From rural perspective
Urban perspective
blogging, media , tv , radio , movies RDB MBBS,
discussed a lot on NREGA and RTI

i chipped in sometimes with PIL , need to education the rural people specially about agri since lot of india is dependent on agriculture , role to be played by agri universities

group said a
lot about infrastructure ..... roads link whole india villages etc
role of radio in rural india , media etc

from global perspective some abt china, pakistan probs in iran etc australians abrogines etc

decent gd

3 persons
one lady L1 and 2 guys

L1- what do u want to do in life
me- short term marketing bak bak
long term want to be generalist specialist
L1 interrupts generalist specialist seems to be a nice term explain it
explained it
L1 - give an example of such type of person
me - gave
L1 - what is a gud brand
me- the thing which when talked about hits ur mind the most
example of apple :)
L1- you have to market ur company how will u do it
me - mine is a small company so said
1. do gud work deliver on time the clients will give testimonials etc
2. CSR will raise the awaireness abt the company in society
3. media paper etc

L1 - okay

G1 - tell me gud and bad points of ur comapny
me - 3-4 gud points and 1 bad point

G2 - what are the clients of ur company
me - told the names

G2 - ur company have to set up an office in US what are the decisions u would take
me - we already have a sales office sir
G2 - what if it is the first one
me - it shld be nearest to the client like present one is at San Jose some bak bak
the talent should be there as , some of the employees should be hired from the place where u are setting up the office ( localy guys )
cheap resources etc

G1 - what is the revenue model of the company
me - bak bak most US and few from India

All smile and said okay u can go

no hobbies no sports no economics all general

it went hardly for 8-10 minutes

PI was mast GD decent
Fingers crossed :)


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