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Written on 7:07 PM by nitesh

Taken from today's TOI

It read: ‘Where is Raj Thackeray and his “brave’’ Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (no Marathi manoos, all south and north Indians) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully tonight at Shivaji Park.

Pls forward this so that it finally reaches the coward bully

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  1. Anonymous |

    Raj Thackeray's Reaction to Mumbai Terrorist Crisis
    1. Raj Thackeray has threatened to beat up the NSG, Army and Navy commando's if they enter mumbai again because most of them are non maharati Manoos
    2. He also has threatened voilence if the Sign Boards of NSG, Army and Navy are not written in Marathi.
    3. He also expressed his anger towards the non marathi media for giving so much attention to NSG, Army and Navy commando's. Where was the media when my Marathi Manoos gang was beating up innocent taxi drivers in mumbai ??
    4. He has also threatened the residents of colaba for chanting "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" after the successful completion of NSG operations. According to him they should have chanted "Jai Maharastra"
    5. He said that he has no problems with terrorists so long as they adapt to the Marathi culture and help him beat up innocent non marathis in Mumbai. In fact he welcomes terrorist action in hotels because it will deter outsiders from coming to mumbai.

  2. bhushan |

    ru guys idiots...even at tis stage u want to take political potshots??? we r one nation.....tis sms has generalized all marathis disrespectfully...

    raj is an idiot but for ppl who r trying to create further divisions n asking where wwas the marathi manoos , here is the ans : the 17 police personal including 3 seniors officers who were martyred were marathi, the policeman who shot 2 terrorists at girgaum chowpatty after a chase r marathi, the policeman who fought the fidayeens carrying ak 47’s at CST station wit their absolete 303 rifles n sticks n managed to fire 40 rounds at them r marathi, the police man who fought wit the fidayeens wit rifles in cama hospital n sustained grenade splinter injuries r marathi, the policeman who engaged the fidayeens at the 2nd floor TAJ much before the NSG came wit their obsolete 303 rifles r marathi, the policeman who first went to café Leopold armed wit just a lathi n was shot in the stomach by the fidayeens is a marathi, the 35 policeman in the hospital r marathi , not just tis the Marathas were also part of the NSG company involved in action, n the Marathas also form one of the pillars of the infantry of the Indian army……so stop creating further divisions……n shut ur damn mouth if u don’t know the facts . JAIHIND JAI MAHARASHTRA

  3. nitesh |

    my dear bhushan who is now dividing india people like you who say lines like JAIHIND JAI MAHARASHTRA
    instead of saying JAIHIND JAI Bharat

    people like you are real supporters of Raj Thakery
    did this sms any way say that other marathis are like Raj Thakery , read carefully and then post your views

  4. Vishy |

    Bhushan....this is the difference between us and you. We dont count the number of south indians or north indians dead. We think about it as one nation and respect the maratha regiment as much as the bihar regiment. For God's sake, atleast now take a lesson and stop all this b*****t marathi jingoism.

  5. Anonymous |

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