Smile on Face: Pain in Heart : Fear in Mind


Written on 10:04 AM by nitesh

What should one do when in a situation one can't do anything except waiting for things to happen and expect best to happen. You all would say chill and relax ........ but what if the wait is traumatizing since long time and you fail in one and only few good things can happen i.e chances for success are diminishing slowly or I can say when one starts to loose faith in yourself, seeing that others are getting what they want and you are still left waiting , crying in heart feeling the itch and fearing for the future. Fear of failure starts to peep in.

Though there is saying in English all is well that ends well..... but what if you are

not a super strong person and wait is killing you.

What should you do?

I don't know what to do, I am eagerly waiting for the day when I will get what I want and hence a sound tension free sleep. I want my mind to be free from any tensions and fears, God give me strength and courage to come out of this phase, help me I have not done bad in this world. This wait is leading to me not able to concentrate on anything, not able to read and do other stuff what I want to do now.

Not even a single moment leave the day, hours aside, passes when I am not thinking about it in the back of my mind. And the pain increases when people you meet say ohh you will definitely get through (tera to hoh hi jayega), and when you fail you start questioning yourself.
This is frustrating.....
Life is not easy.....

Waiting for my moment of triumph

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