Toastmasters Project-6 : Your Clear Picture


Written on 9:44 AM by nitesh

gave speech after a long gap of around 2 months , after giving it i can say that my voice has opened up :)

Close your eyes and dream or see your self 5 years down the line
Do you see any picture of you 5 years later doing what you want now?
You don’t see any picture at all

For things to change, you must get a picture of what you want them to change to. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds and as easy as it seems…

You must know exactly what you want and the more specific and clear you can get, the better.
In other words, we move towards the pictures we constantly hold in our minds

Let me give you an example… Suppose you went to the store and bought a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle but it didn’t have a picture on the box of what the end result should look like.

Would you solve it easily or will it take time?

Of course

You may eventually figure it out; however, the person who has a clear picture of what the end result should look like will be more than 100 times ahead of you.

The question is are they 100 times ahead of you because their IQ is 100 times greater? Is it because they are 100 times better looking than you?

If none of this is true then what it?

The reason is the person who had the clear and specific picture of what the outcome he/she wants will automatically know the steps to take or the necessary steps will soon become noticeable.

Your brain, operating similar to a magnet, will start to attract in that direction, the conditions, people, and circumstances that will help you move closer to the mental picture you maintain in your mind and it will repel all of those things that do not correlate to the picture you have in your mind.

You must understand that your strength comes from knowing what you want. This will ignite the fire inside your belly and enable you to borrow from the promise of the future so you can engage in the activities today that will move you closer and closer to what you want.
It will enable you to go through the trials and tribulations that may be necessary so you can arrive at your destination

But ….. do remember that while reaching for your destination there will be lot of struggles and failures , here the power of belief comes into play

Think thoughts of defeat or failure and you are bound to be discouraged. Belief is an incredibly powerful state of mind. Your belief system not only defines and shapes who you are, but it also determines your potential

Your belief system, like your computer, doesn't judge what you input; it simply accepts it as the truth

If you want to know where your predominant thoughts lie and what you believe, look at what you are experiencing in your life. Your thoughts are creative by nature and express themselves through your emotions, which in turn, drive your actions. Everything you say, both positive and negative, is literally an affirmation.

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Choose your words, for they become actions.
Understand your actions, for they become habits.
Study your habits, for they will become your character.
Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny."

Let me give you an example

Example of Lance Armstrong –

At age 25, Lance Armstrong was one of the world's best cyclists. Lance Armstrong seemed invincible and his future was bright.

Then they told him he had cancer.
The diagnosis was testicular cancer, the most common cancer in men aged 15-35. If detected early, its cure rate is a promising 90 percent. Like most young, healthy men, Lance ignored the warning signs, and he never imagined the seriousness of his condition. Going untreated, the cancer had spread to Lance's abdomen, lungs and brain. His chances dimmed.
Then a combination of physical conditioning, a strong support system and competitive spirit took over. He declared himself not a cancer victim but a cancer survivor. He took an active role in educating himself about his disease and the treatment. Armed with knowledge and confidence in medicine, he underwent aggressive treatment and beat the disease.

Lance Armstrong's victories in the 1999-2005 Tours de France are awe-inspiring and proof of what self belief can do to a person.

So remember the journey will be more important than the destination because in the journey you will become the person you require to become to finally arrive at your destination. So when you reach your destination, look at the person you have become and set a new destination so you can continue to grow and develop

Whatever you do, just always remember that for things to change, you must get a picture of what you want them to change to.

“When you know what you want,and you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it “

Taken from various sources and self written also

Billi Life


Written on 2:15 PM by nitesh

The greeks didn't write obituaries they only asked after man died "Did he have passion" ?. I found this very interesting quote as jaine's gtalk message.

Yes it is in me but,

For the past 3 months my life has become little boring fun has gone away, billi prep has taken its toll, most of time is gone in it, I am giving my best efforts but still sunday mocks are taking me down, 3 weeks back i was highly depressed but some how I pulled my self up and decided that i will not care about the result give me full effort try to remove the mistakes which i do and rest is upto bhagwan to take care of me.

I have become god fearing in the past 6 months, probably as the old saying goes u remember the god when u need something or there is a problem, I am also the same type of human being.

I am not enjoying my office life, the place has now changed a lot since my manager left, team environment is not the same. The zeal with which we worked is gone now I am working because i have to, no other reason.
Infact this is happening in thw whole company friend circle. Air is moving in the wrong direction. This environment is very dangerous because i don't/can't live anymore in this sector, this has further build up the pressure on me for the coming billi season, I have to clear but this is not only about 'I have to clear' but its about 'I want it dearly'.

Toastmasters has become somewhat irregular i wanted to give speech but couldn't because i don't have time or may be tension. A prepared speech is lying with me, will try to give it after the D day and i m sure it will be my best, first time i will try to motivate

My mind has not relaxed for the past 3 months because in a certain corner of the mind there is always billi going.
Past 2-3 days are going good, i am feeling somewhat confident that i will perform good, to hell with the sunday mock scores.

This quote has inspired me.
"It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep movin' forward…how much you can take and keep movin' forward. If you know what your worth go out and get what your worth, but you gotta' be willin' to take the hit."
-- Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone in Rocky)

From playing football in the evening has now shifted to playing volley because of football got punctured and now even the volleyball is nearing its last days. Playing time is always fun. Played TT in the past 2-3 days and I am able to beat taru bond now and together we rape the rest in doubles :) .

Read a few books in the past month mostly marketing ones 22 immutable laws of marketing, origin of brands and pele autobiography awesome book, nothing in the past 15 days. I will go for marketing stream hopefully, i enjoy it. Tehelka(it rocks) and BW are always a good time pass. Read the gujarat riots whole issue yesterday, it shivered me.

I play EA cricket only now on my laptop, yearning to play cricket for a long time but no company. Dravid has been kicked sachin will be next in a year or so because we indians don't respect our stars, we have short memories. Desi wrote an awesome post as usual.

But still there is only one thing always going on in my life billi sleep, drink , eat everything it is.

God help me come out successfully through this important phase of my life. I want to enjoy my life, lot of things in the pipeline to learn pool, horse riding , blogging regularly, movies , toastmasters 10 project complete, photography (hopefully by mid dec will have a awesome camera) , goa again, vaishno devi, the list is endless.

Null Void in life and Appraisals


Written on 3:12 PM by nitesh

" Expect sweet surprise "
It was written in my daily forecast in TOI under my sun sign LEO.

I was happy in the morning as I had completed my morning tasks (not office related). Came to office happily met my colleague who came back from US after 2.5 months had some chocolates though not much I liked the choco biscuits which he had brought.

Sweet surprise which I though could be related to my yearly appraisal which is due since 31st July. So i though I may get it today. But came the mail from the respectable HR department stating that letters has been sent to your managers and the distribution will start from 17th september and the process will be over by 28th September.

Only one word came in my mind after reading that mail "Bullshit"
I read the mail again and understood the whole strategy .. the process will never start on 17th so expect the revised letter on 28th Sept which is Friday , hence the letter will go the Finance/HR after my sign latest by Monday i.e 1 october so my salary will not come in october but in November may be 1st nov if every thing goes all right from now.

Okay no problem with this mail it happens but when you keep on promising again and again that you will get your letter ( as it is commonly called in IT world) by 31st August it hurts. The HR gal calls a meeting telling you the whole of the procedure with strict deadlines with fixed dates 25th july 28 the july etc, we all feel assured that this will go correct with us.

This is frustrating and because there is no other place where I can vent my anger so I am writing to calm down myself.

Companies talk about meeting the deadlines infact beating the deadlines in delivering the required to the customers but when it come to their employees there is no such concept ... delay will not do any harm .... this is their feeling I think. I don't with this vision/values can the company succeed.

HR guys should do a survey of how the efficiency of the employees falls when he is not given his due on promised date, when a engineer works hard to meet the deadline why can't you work hard to meet the deadline on the promised.
Had there been a month delay from our side we would have been screwed.

I am getting frustrated and don't want to work, probably the dull phase which creeps my mind once in 30-40 days has come back. It is this phase where you are tensed there is huge emotional turmoil going on in the brain/heart and you feel like shouting at the top of your voice at the top of a building just like irffan khan did in the movie metro. There is huge vaccum like thing i am feeling. Other reason can be no pay no work if it can be no work no pay why can't that also exist. But that's no that big reason this is trivial matter but though frustration is still there.

I need a break to charge myself for one of the biggest battle coming on which a lot of my future depends.



Written on 1:30 PM by nitesh

DK tagged me to write 8 random things about myself about a month ago, here are those:

1. I tend to make an impression about a person very early. The impression can be very good or very bad, it may vary from person to person. This mental picture is made by my own self experience and 10-15% by listening about the person from others. But till now this habit has gone wrong only a few times so to me this is good.

2. A lot of time I feel helpless or in killer mode as I can't do anything about it, a few days back I was in mood to kill the karats. I hate 99.9% of the politicians from Manmohan Singh to Nehru, for obvious reasons. I feel present politicians are part of the problem they are not solutions. I want to be in politics some where down the line probably when I am past 35 years of age.

3. I am blunt though in the past year I have tried to controlled this habit, learning to be diplomatic, diplomatic may not be the write word so to be less harsh. I hate flatters . One can never expect sugar coated words from me. Probably If there is a girl in my life in future she can expect :)

4. Sometimes I do things at the whim of a moment, I don't know this is good or bad

5. I am very ambitious, though there are ups and downs in the life but thank to almighty those failure haven't deterred me from dreaming and trying to solemnize those dreams into reality. I feel I have to do something big which I haven't done till now.

6. I love sports, cricket has taken the back burner for some time now, i can watch anything from badminton, carrom on DD sports to football, F1, NBA, NHL etc . I don't like golf and American football probably because i don't understand the rules.

7. I love Friday parties :) TGIF 2-3 drinks by each and then the whole party erupts. Blames .. Intellectual talks , brainstorming, shouting , pouring out frustrations these all happen in friday nights. We all in the IT world enjoy these because this is the time to relax after 5 hectic days. A lot of times I feel like getting out totally and I do and only drinkers can understand the state of mind when you are in semi unconscious state ....... you enjoy you are free from the world.

p.s the above point doesn't mean that I am a habitual drinker i drink occasionally :)

8. I am emotional person, nice movies can make me cry. I love my friends and family a lot, I value them a lot in my life. I have started valuing them a lot since I left the age of anger , emotional bursts i.e teens. You feel the value of the friends and relatives when you are not with them.

I am the last one to reply to the tag so no one left to pass
Prasoon I am not sure
all have written about it

Custom Messages and bollywood


Written on 11:56 AM by nitesh

सूअर के बच्चो कब है होली

शीशे को शीशे काटता है
लोहे को लोहा काटता है
तुझे पागल कुत्ता काटेगा

सही बात सही वक़्त पर की जाए तो उसका मज़ा ही कुछ और है , और मैं सही वक़्त का इंतज़ार करता हूँ

जों मर्द होता है , उसे दर्द नही होता

Thanks to google indic , we see a lot of bollywood dialogues being used as custom messages in gtalk. The above four are those of mine.

It all started when I saw karan's message and prasoon was changing his messages in minutes coming up with new dialogues , this exited me and I send him खामोश बदतमीज़ and asked him सूअर के बच्चो कब है होली, this went on for 15-20 minutes with prasoon sending me चुप बे चपदगंजू finally and then the lord of bollwood gossip desi came up with masaledaar dialogues
starting from यह शादी नही हो सकती.

Thankyou google indic from now on i will try to never use english messages :)

Sadho Re


Written on 11:47 AM by nitesh

This is the song which is running on my laptop since dk forwarded it to me last friday and i am scratching my brains to understand this song. But still i am not able to understand it fully. Other song is Kabeera by same band Agnee .

I am back to good old days of listening to Indian Ocean, man ye bawra etc :)

Toastmasters Speech 5


Written on 10:21 AM by nitesh

This is taken from the blog post. I found this humorous and hence used it as project 5 speech in the toastmasters club.

Coach Man

You have an abusive, self-obsessed boyfriend Pause (let's call him Greg Chappell). (Loud)Ultimately after years of abuse, a disastrous emotional meltdown Pause (let's call it the World Cup) occurs after which you dump him. Then comes along this other guy, (loud) (let's call him Dave Whatmore - loud) who really wants you with all his heart. You don't quite feel any passion despite the fact that there is not much wrong with him. In the absence of someone better, you string him along . And then when man 2 (Ford), the guy who really rocks your boat came along, you publicly kick the first suitor, call him over-eager and hence by extension a despo.

You surrender yourself to the new guy, while your parents present you with man 3 (John Em "Burey" nazar walen tera mooh kala), a two-time divorcee with kids. Not much of a choice. You propose to man2 who then turns around, says he finds you over-eager and spurns your overtures.
The Indian cricket coaching try not to use hindi word ---- this could be replaced with "drama" or anything else has now officially become a farce. Which is why I desist from analyzing the situation but instead propose a solution to the impasse.

Let Maninder Singh be the next Indian coach. Pause
Why? pause
Because this man is, a genius. pause

Don't believe me? pause Well a few days ago, Maninder Singh (India's premier spin bowler of the 80s) was taken to the hospital with his wrist slashed. Evidently a suicide attempt.

But then where's the genius you ask?pause It's this. Maninder firmly maintains that he did not attempt suicide.

What happened was Maninder, who was admitted to the Shanti Mukund Hospital Saturday, recorded a statement with the police giving an account of how the incident took place at his Preet Vihar residence in east Delhi.

Maninder told us his wrists were injured when he smashed the glass panes of the bay window of his home with his hands in an attempt to awaken his family on his return home after midnight Saturday. He termed it an accident,' as mentioned by a senior official of police
A force of nature. Loud
You all may be wondering how does this prove cricketing acumen? Well pause to be honest it does not. But of late I have been hearing that the main job of a coach is to motivate the players-after all senior cricketers don't have technical problems. And what can motivate players better than to see the coach literally bleeding to "awaken" the country? loud

And if more excitement is needed than the sight of body fluids on glass, pause Maninder, recently was arrested for possessing cocain can supply our boys with some chemical motivators that will surely make them "play out of their skin", increase their "speed" and hit cracking shots. Fast at one go At the very least the dressing room will be promoting "Coke"(another name for cocain), the irritating blue billion Pepsi ads will permanently be shelved.

Gavaskar will like the fact that he is Indian.
Mohinder Amarnath, who threatened recently by saying that
"if you think that just because someone's colour is white and his skin is different that makes him better then even I will begin using Fair and Lovely : so I can make my colour like that" will not complaint Fast at one go

Niranjan Shah will discover that Maninder is not very expensive and the only support staff he will ask for are some Nigerian men as sports medicine experts. (they will supply coke)

In all, its a win-win smashing situation for everyone.
Maninder Singh for coach. Please. loud

Thank you

Enjoyed giving this speech. Got awesome feedback :)

Toastmasters Speech 4


Written on 9:35 AM by nitesh

Toastmasters project 4

Apocalypse Now

Let me take you to 2025
Today is morning of 6th Jan 2025, though my wife's away on business tour but has beamed in a holographic projection of her to wake me up. Even though we have met power demands by generating electricity through nuclear fusion reaction but its so hot that even ten air conditioners couldn't cool the house, I was hoping that It would rain but
Meteorologists are already calling it the year without winter. From January itself the temperatures across the northern India have soared above 35°C. Gangetic plain has been transformed into one vast dust bowl. The wheat crop has failed and farmers are committing suicides in hoards. Food riots have broken as the government is no longer able to control the food distribution. As disease and death strike with metronomic regularity, the smell of rotting flesh is all pervasive.

In a perverse irony as the north is sweltering under heat wave, fierce unseasonal storms lash the west coast. Arabian Sea has risen and much of the nariman point has become inaccessible- the city once bustling with skyscrapers has turned into a watery grave.
Mauritius, Maldives and Andaman islands have submerged like titanic went into the deep sea. Extinction of flora and fauna has been so rapid that the numbers of species lost in the past decade is equivalent to that of preceding 1000 years. Great Indian tiger got extinct long back in 2016 and the whales are no longer seen in the oceans.

Like India much of the earth has become a living boiling shell.

Isn't this scenario sound Apocalyptic. Such prophecies have not been made by the grass route activists who come with 'jholas' but by the world renowned 640 scientists and representatives of 120 member countries of UN in IPCC report (intergovernment panel on climate change).

CO2 , Methane and NO2 concentration has touched highest levels in the recorded history. These gases cause a giant greenhouse effect by forming a thin shield around the earth, trapping the infra-red radiations from the sun. In just right quantities they keep the earth warm enough for us to live in. But the thickening of the atmosphere in the past 50 years has disturbed this delicate balance.
Average surface temperature across the globe has shot up by .74°C in the past century. The number may seem insignificant but it is an unprecedented rise. If temperature rises beyond 2°C annihilation of whole life will begin.
In the past 150 years the 11 hottest years were witnessed since 1995.

Heat is on.. Action has to be taken now

Solution number one is to pump billion of dollars so that astronomers can search for life on some other planets outside our solar system and we all could go to that planet. : This is very difficult

How we can contribute to reduce the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.
1. Change your bulbs from incandescent bulbs to CFL ones , these consumes 75% less power and last longer.
2. Turn computer off when not in use. Then consume as much electricity as 3 60watt bulbs so avoid the standby mode.
3. Save page. Avoid taking printouts, take only when must, if possible take 2 pages on one. Get your all monthly bills, bank statements on email. Get off the Indian habit of putting everything on paper. Thousand of trees would be saved.
4. Shun use of plastic bags, although it's an old advice but no one really listens. Carry a reusable paper bag. It will help reduce emissions from decaying plastic bags. If Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka can ban use of plastic bags why can'we.
5. Buy energy efficient appliances, next time you buy an oven, iron or a refrigerator opt for the models by manufacturers whose USP in energy efficiency.
6. Walk, don't drive If you have to buy a packet of chips, don't drive to next door take a walk. If you drive combine a lot of chores.
7. Minimize air travel, one air travel to Mumbai is equivalent to carbon emissions by 2000 cars.
8. Finally let others know, you may be conserving natural resources but if your neighbor isn't', you are still a goner.

There is no time to waste. As Al Gore a tireless champion for action on global warming says… "This is our only home and that is what is at stake- our ability to live on the planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization."
Let's not forget what happened to the Indus valley civilization.

Reference : India Today Global Warming issue

Next President !! Not politician Please


Written on 10:43 AM by nitesh

Countdown for electing the next president of Republic on India has begun. Successfull term of people's president Abdul Kalam will end in June. This time the race is clearly one way with congress, left and BSP are expected to field a joint candidate and they are expected to win as they have clear majority in the electoral collage. All the parties are concentrating on choosing a candidate who till now seems that will be a political one, i.e having a political background.

Few days back names of Pranab Mukherjee , Somnath Chatterji and some other politicians about whom 95% of India might not be aware of.
Just imagine that Somnath Chatterjee is elected as the next president of India, how do you feel thinking about it. I will not be able to someone if he asks me about the POI, Somnath does not have the right credentials to be the next president.

Other name which popped up yesterday was of another icon ( bad to me ) Arjun Singh , vote grabber politician , mandal man , quota man , man who can barely stand erect leave aside walking. My mind goes haywire when I imagine him as President OF India. If he gets elected i feel ashamed to be an Indian .... no way arjun singh ... you retire please...if he becomes somehow there will be only quota and quota nothing else.

I can't think of a name who can be compared to Abdul Kalam. Is there no one of his stature?? no one right now. How pity situation we are in right now population of 1 billion and no one comparable to stature of Abdul Kalam. Last time thanks to SP who came up with Missile Man's name and others were forced to support the name even some were not willing from their hearts like Congress.

God save the country: politicians have already ruined the nation for 60 years , they are just part of problem , when they will provide solutions.
India is shining in only in those sectors where government has lossened its control or politicians has stopped interfering in it.

Other major incident of last week was done by the great economist honourable PM Manmohan Singh, The great Nehru follower of social equality that equality/philosphy which took us back by 50 years (read Gurucharan Das's India Unbound to know more) , He said there should be parity in salaries... why the hell it should be ??? . they work hard not loot hard as politicians do. We are proud of Indian business class who has took india on world stage. Government should concentrate more on producing more managers rather then speaking such shitty things. Get more world class institutes where students can study rather then making hullabaloo on quota quota to garner votes.
There is no thing called social equality to me , I am big fan (can't follow ) Ayn Rand objectivism philosophy.

Indians wait for few years the whole environment will change, younger India will soon join the politics, not as youngsters in congress party who are not allowed to shine more then Rahul Gandhi, otherwise the next PM's ( he will be) image will lessen.

Written in haphazard manner sorry

Tall Tale Contest: Toast Masters Club


Written on 2:52 PM by nitesh

Good afternoon everyone.....

Statuary Warning

All the characters in this story are real any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely intentional

I am going to narrate few of the incidents which happened to me few days back and how it created a mess in my workplace

This happened probably when I bought a new toothpaste after getting influenced tele advertising companies used to publicize a lot

Every morning when I brushed my teeth in front of the mirror the smell of the paste did some unusual thing to me, I became different character every day.

One day I became Maharaja Akbar .. I went to office dressed in mythological attire . As I reached the office I found guards waving flags at the entrance and durban shouting be alert king akbar is coming.

Later my manager came and asked me about the work which he gave yesterday, since I was smelling a rose I recited him a romantic poem

After that I went to darbar and being a art fanatic myself I called all the praja "employees"
to witness the quwalli , and participate in mughle idol competition.

In the evening I had to take a call with Jim Chang He asked for code review Instead I ordered my troops to attack ..Unfortunately we lost the client


I hated family soaps a lot, specially ekta kapoor , next day I became Ekta kapoor .....
Went to sets to coordinate the shooting , I ordered that tulsi .... the women who has become the idol bahu will die today and not to be bron again
in kahani ghar ghar ki episode and from now onwards there will no funda of getting married and divorced again and again.
It was also decided by me that from now onwards all the new serials will not began with K but with "S" with theme being sci-fiction
On this day I guess I was blued eye boy of all the husbands in India and simultaneously enemy of all the wives.


I read comics and watched super heroes movies a lot
So when next day ( it was weekend) I brushed my teeth I became Gajhodhar- The spit man ... Indian Super Hero. He has only one attire a smaal cloth which we call gamcha in hindi , gajhodhar was geting late for the movie show so he used his gamcha to fly straight to the CSM mall , He took his roommate sanghta with him , who go scared about flying in the sky
When we reached the mall everyone left the movie and came to look us , media was there in a moments star news zee tv all were they . They said we have got another krish here, i became angry and shouted I am not krish i am Gajhodhar - the spit Man and i spitted on their van and it was all flooded in moments. For the whole day we were the centre of attraction of the world. People started asking me to show my powers , i declined to show them my powers because they are to be used for good purposes .


On monday i forgot to brush my teeth and I was the real Nitesh and went office :(
My managers shouted at me , they scolded me they rebuked me. I was feeling sorry , i had regrets ... Regrets of not doing brush that day
and prepared plans to being hitle the other day

Toastmasters 2nd Speech


Written on 5:48 PM by nitesh

YVR Different

Once upon a time in hot and humid jungle there lived an elephant, she was big, slow and lumbering history. She used to talk nostalgically about her glorious past and the others animals used to comment that it was long ago. One day she fell ill and the veterinarians suggested her that she had to change the way of her living otherwise she had to sell her ivory tusk to live. She declined to see and started to change and slowly that elephant has started to transform into tiger. It has started roaring; stripes are coming on its body it is transforming into a tiger. All small and big animals are coming to look and admire the giant elephant

Any guesses who the elephant is and who are the big animals??

It’s our own India and big animals are developed countries of the world.

India is roaring with full strength; economy is showing highest growth rates in the world

But still...Why all of us are afraid?!!!

Because………..may be we are not following the proven path of development

First of all what is that unique path of development the land of Buddha is following and what are the advantages we have!!!!!!!!!

1. Democracy

Government of the people and by the people

Development is looking ahead towards the future but democracy is making plans for the coming elections. It’s very difficult to make plans for development under democracy. Take the example of the sealing drive in Delhi. Many houses were illegally developed and there was illegal business going on in the residential areas but now many of those areas are legalized under new master plan .You know Why? because elections are coming up

Let’s discuss which path other countries took: US growth, which occurred in an era when they used to exploit the blacks as slaves. Similarly Japan was also growing at 5-6% before the World War 2 when it was under autocracy.

We have so many political parties so its obvious that there will be hindrance to any move related to development.

If we are successful in becoming developed we will be the first country to do so under universal adult franchise that means having voting rights for all.

2. Growth led by domestic consumption:

With growing incomes of the middle class Indian’s spending power has increased and this is creating a huge demand of products in India itself. People are spending a lot instead of saving all the money.

China and Taiwan were doing just the opposite when they were at this stage as India is now, they were saving instead of spending.. Much of the demand in the east asian countries was from other countries i.s these economies were more export-led i.e. exporting a lot of manufactured goods.

For India its both way internal as well as external demand

3. Growth driven by service sector

Countries followed the path of becoming a manufacturing hub by and slowly moving up to high knowledge requiring products like automobiles, electronics and services. This path was followed by countries like US, China, Japan, Korea etc., But India is following a different path. . It is using the skills of its burgeoning educated middle class in service sector like – information technologies telecommunications, airlines, banking etc and then moving to the manufacturing line. Services sector comprises of 53.6% of GDP even though we have got 60% of our population employed in agriculture

Does this step was by intention or by chance??

I think it was by chance because When East Asian economies and China opened up there was huge demand for the manufacturing products so they followed the tried and tested export - led path and when India opened up its economy demand for services was growing and above all services sector required less infrastructure development.

4. Demographics

Demographics is a shortened term for 'population characteristics' like race, age , income , mobility etc. Though large chunk of our population is without primary education but a demographics shift in coming decade will cover this up. Education revolution will boost the labor force and increase the savings rate as more people will be working. By 2020 median age of our population will be 28.7 years compared to 38-40 of countries like china , usa , uk and japan.

Now comes to big question

Will we be successful?

Elephant’s dirty skin has started to shine; dust is fading away, though still chunk of dirt is there

  • We have to stop spending more then our revenues i.e. control budget deficit, there is a need for better transportation system, roads airports have to come up fast.
  • Laziness and slow working style of the government officers has to be opposed
  • Poverty and illiteracy has to be compressed to a vanishing point.

This doesn’t mean we cannot contribute anything

We can

  • First of all we have to work hard to make the elephant roar.
  • We have to keep the government on their toes and oppose any wrong move by the government authorities
  • We have to step forward just like we did in Jessica Lal Case
  • Moreover there is a need for more tatas , mittals , ambanis ……….. and I am sure there will be few like them among uss …….
  • You You You ……… you all women have to dream big like icici women, like kiran majumdar , indira noyee ….. You have to become goddesses of big things.

Finally With our free press, democracy, private sector, entrepreneurs, middle class we will surely become not only tiger but a Liger Lion + Tiger.


  • Business World Feb12-07 issue
  • India Unbound
  • Shashi Tharoor Article on Sunday TOI: Feb 25th
  • Economist Feb Issue

Sorry for not writing regularly here, busy writing on sportolysis

Toastmasters Ice Breaker Speech


Written on 1:35 PM by nitesh

This is my first speech in the InterraIt toastmasters club

I love you
I love you
I love you

Friends these are the three words I couldn't utter when they were actually required reason lack of confidence

Mr Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters and guests.
My purpose of joining TM is to gain confidence more confidence and more confidence.

Friends there has been no valentine in my life till now, there were only infatuations in school as well as college days. But just like any other lover I used to try to sit at a convenient position where I could watch my beloved and was always searching for reasons to talk to her. But couldn't say I love U
So friends now you have come to know that I have never uttered the words I love you, PAUSE what should I tell you now!!

I will tell you about my two self one in the real world that is the REAL Nitesh and the other being e_nitesh or virtual Nitesh..

In real life Nitesh is passionate about sports be it playing or watching sports events. I enjoy playing and it has helped me in learning qualities like team spirit, leadership and motivational skills.
I think I can give some tips to dravid as well.

Meet my wife

Real nitesh believes in diffusing his creative energies by trying to do different things. This quality once landed me on stage playing part of dhritrashtra in a play called "KBD" (kaun banega drapaudi pati). Funniest part in the play was that, a 6feet 3 inch guy was incarnated as Draupadi and a feeble underweight friend was given divine form of bheema.

Another shot in my repertoire of skills is taking part in organizing events. It all started at the ground level, learning the process and slowly I moved over to bigger responsibility like handling the responsibly of event manager of our college annual fest a 10Lk budgeted event. These hobby has many positives like it increased my interaction with people of various kind and I learned many management skills also.

Thanks to 24 hour lan in college I started an e-life. Utilized my surfing habit in a productive way by starting a blog in which I write about new technological developments in web world like new gadgets new web2.0 websites.

Coalesced my passion of sports and writing habit by starting a sports blog sportolysis with my friends. Recently got surprised success when it was nominated in top 5 sports blogs in the country.

I am sure sports personalities visit my blog regularly to improve their game. Suggestions are open for sports minister also

Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were to go through our life without any obstacles, we would be crippled. Failures came in my life but not lots or you can say I don't count them as struggles or failures.

Normally you fall from high, this happened with me during the first year when from 90+% in 12th I came down to 2 / 4 pointer, these type of failures/struggles urges you to give the extra E (effort) to come out successfully.
Failures are stepping stones to success and these set backs made me mentally strong to face any kind of problems.

College life was fun some attending lectures in a big movie hall like lecture theatre gossiping till wee hours
Some has rightly said

You run life inside the college gate
Life runs you outside the college gate.

I had completed one marathon of my life and entered into the biggest one. I am happy that here I have mentors and very good persons to guide me in this stage of my life. I am sure I will achieve my dreams and goals

After giving my ice breaker I have gained enough confidence to say I love you , I wish I had given my speech before 14th feb, I could have had a valentine.

Stem Cells to Bigger Boobs


Written on 11:54 AM by nitesh

Japanese have again showed us they are way ahead in technology. This time it is natural breast enlargement instead of silicon implant. Scientists in Japan claim to be able to increase the size of a woman's breasts using fat and stem cells. Idea is to take some fat from the body mix it with some stem cells and inject into the mammaries.

The enhanced breasts are soft and natural, so they are the patient's "real" breasts
Cellport Clinic Yokohama
Scientists all over the world are treating this report with caution.

via BBC , Gizmodo (pic)

Try to destroy this USB


Written on 11:39 AM by nitesh

This one is really hard USB. It's waterproof, anti-shock, anti-static, and can withstand up to 2,000-pounds of pressure.

The 1GB model costs $197 and the 2GB runs $247. Only 100 usb's available as its handmade.

Watch its strength:


Glass PC case


Written on 11:29 AM by nitesh

This awesome glass pc case combines artistic design with today’s technology. Isn't it look nice.

Superbowl Commercials


Written on 7:01 PM by nitesh

Was just browsing over the net found out these awsome superbowl commercials at TechEblog. Watch these

Office on the Moon

This I liked the most !!

Salute to imagination !!
Lonely Robot

Coke side of you

Enjoy these and watch more here

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Aapka Video : Apna Youtube


Written on 11:25 AM by nitesh

Here is Indian version of You Tube , Aapka Video director ban jao . Just as You Tube the site allows to upload share and embed videos after making an account in the site. There are six categories General, Entertainment, Comedy, Sports, News & Blogs, and Travels and Places and tagging option is also there.

I was unable to open the video in Firefox and IE-5 just as Patrix of Desi Pundit has written in his review. Most videos I found was from movies or Tv serials not self made by users. It will take some time for Indian Web2.0 sites to evolve enough to match the likes of you tube and wkis.

Read Detailed Review By Patrix

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Great Site


Written on 11:10 AM by nitesh

Ohh this great Web2.0
Check this site and have fun

Shuffle in New Colors


Written on 2:42 PM by nitesh

To make the smallest ipod shuffle look more as a fashion accessory Apple has come up with four new colors of shuffle:

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
apart from existing silver. The color change is done to keep the momentum of the sales high after the holiday season in which record number of ipods were sold. The price of the shuffle is kept the same at $79.

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India aala re : Tata-Corus Now


Written on 12:28 PM by nitesh

Quashing all the media conjectures regarding CSN taking over the Corus, Tata bought corus paying a hefty sum of 608pence per share. As expected both the bidders maintained a cautious approach in the bidding and the whole process continued till decided 9 rounds . Tata ultimately won the battle after CSN backed off after bidding till 603p. Tata raised the offer to 608p and corus was ours. This is a big victory for Indian industry, a giant leap by India i will modify Armstrong words ( One step for man, one giant leap for mankind.) to One step by Tata, one giant leap for the India.

Nobody has expected that Tata would pay such a hefty price for the corus , but sources say that the Tata's bidding process was boosted by impressive quarterly results announced yesterday.

Now we have to see how the synergies between the two companies having total capacity of 19 millions tonnes go.

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Battle for Corus Today


Written on 9:59 AM by nitesh

Today is the grand finale of the biggest reality show i.e Who will buy Corus !!! CSN (Companhia Siderurgica Nacional) or TATA. Who needs to watch Big Brother or Big Boss when you have far bigger and fascinating dramas to watch for in real life. The bidding process for the Corus will start today at 10.00pm IST and will close at 8.00 am . There are maximum of 9 rounds and in each bid there should be a minimum jump of 5pence per share. If by any chance there is tie the result will be certainly declared by 1st Feb.
Both the bidders have previously termed their respective offers - 500 pence a share by Tata and 515 pence bid by CSN - as fair valuation for Corus while promising no job cuts after the deal. Tatas will have to make an offer of 520 to stay in the bidding process otherwise the battle will be over before even starting.

Bigger segment of media is favouring the Brazilian CSN as its present bid is higher then the Tatas and there are rumours that CSN is so interested in Corus that it can go till 600p per share. But we cannot take Tatas easily , Tatas have not yet showed their cards there may be a surprise coming. British media are comparing Tatas with Shilpa Shetty who calmly won the Big Bro reality show. It's like a poker game , the earlier you reveal your cards more the chances that the rival will go for the kill. The auction process that could take the final bid to anything above $11 billion and the winner will become the 5th largest steel player in the world.

Isn't the whole process exciting !!

The auction process is very much like a thriller hindi movie in which there are two heroes wooing for the female actor and in the climax another hero comes up and go away with the actress. The possiblity of a 3rd surprise bidder cannot be ruled out. Investor bankers are working overtime to finalize the bidding strategies , Tata board will meet today for the quarterly results but the main agenda will be Corus. Tata is represented by Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro and NM Rothschild, while CSN is advised by Lazard and Goldman Sachs.

The battle is now not limited to companies only, all the industry in the three countries is eagerly watching it. Such battle will become a routine in coming years as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations' hunger is increasing and the day is not far when we will see companies from these countries bidding for US giants and eventually winning them.

There is one more angle also , the bidder who feels they are losing should try to increase the bid to a very high amount so that the winner will have to pay a heavy price for the Corus , then the loser can bid for Tata-Corus of CSN-Corus after 4-5 years. The battle will be far from over on Feb 1st.

Next soap coming is Kaun Jitega Hutch. Last few finalist in the show are Reliance , Vodaphone , Orascom , Essar , Hindujas , Maxim . Though some are small companies but they will play the spoil sport .

Read More
Corus Coverage

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Written on 5:59 PM by nitesh

There are thousands of sites on web2.0 what if you get a directory of all this, Go2Web2.0 is a nice directory of all web2.0 sites . In it all the web2.0 sites are listed with their unique logos. Click on a logo and you will be presented with site information in the sidebar , Simply click on the logo again and you will be taken to the chosen site.

Logos can be sorted in alphabetical order or by date added. There is filtering option using which we can filter sites related to 3d, ajax, blogging etc. If your favorite site is not listed, you can submit is for approval to the directory. They even have a RSS feed for all the Web 2.0 junkies wanting up to the minute updates. So check it out and ready to spend hours

Daiict 100 FM


Written on 7:16 PM by nitesh

Other day I was browsing through the and found out this video of FM at ISB.
After watching the video it brought me alive the memories of the 100FM which we used to have in college . It started in 2nd year and I became an RJ after 6 months ( we bunch of friends decided to give it a go) , It used to be a lot of fun because we went there with a purpose of to enjoy ourselves not with the prupose of making others laugh. Show timings was 11.00pm to 12.00 midnight which is normally the prime time in college. Me with my friends go there in the Radio room , on our way we used to collect as many of friends to join use, till reaching the radio room we were normally 6-8 budding RJ's , ready for the show. As we donot follow the practice of preparing for the show so dk and chakku would open 2-3 mails of PJ's forwarded by people , this would start long comments like ' arj kiya hai ' ................................... waah waah what ever the PJ be but waah was said with full josh and vigour . We were lucky to have a great actor amongs us dk who can do mimicary of any artist , using his talent we would start a mock interview with nana , sharukh etc . Sachin would do his normal ulti-sidhi acts , don't get angry with me sachin. And out main targets during the shows used to be changu mangu , i would not reveal the details. These kind of fun filled activities widen your mind , let you think from some other perspective. Gone are those days.........

Though I have embd the ibnlive video still (the video might not show up) Video Link .

iPhone In iPod Out ??


Written on 5:14 PM by nitesh

"Today we're introducing three revolutionary products," Jobs said moments before unveiling the device. "A new iPod, a phone and an internet communicator. These are not three separate devices -- we call it the iPhone."
Steve Jobs finally put an end to the months of speculations .

Nobody guessed the design of the ipone right , there is no button touch and use, wide screen ipod. As expected from Apple sleek and slim . iPhone is awsome combination of phone , music device ipod with touch screen and blackberry like internet communication device. But does it mean days of ipod are numbered when Apple will launch iPhone Nano and iPhone Shuffle in near future . I feel may be in america days are numbered but there are other markets to be captured like India and China.

And since we can use any song as ringtone so who will pay some dollars to use xyz song as ringtone , another implication is days of ringtones companies are numbered.

So Nokia and Motorola start reducing your prices

The iPhone will be available in June exclusively from Cingular Wireless, at a price of $500 for a 4-GB model and $600 for an 8-GB model with a two-year service contract.

Apple iPhone
iPhone Pics
Death of Ringtone Industry

ChaCha : Search engine powered by human intelligence.


Written on 10:21 AM by nitesh

Here is another search engine battling out to lower google's share in the market. ChaCha is different from the other search engines out there like google, snap in a unique way. The engine has two options for searching :
  • simple searching
  • searching with real time guide.

When we search with a guide our query is sent to a person who is skilled/knowledgable in that particular field so that we can get the results we want . Our query is sent out to the thousands of guides out there and any one picks up our query if it is meaningful not words like 'jkads'.

When a guide is selected we can chat with the guide. Guide will talk to us for as long as we like. ChaCha indexes all the questions that are asked and associates them with the search engines and resources used by Guides, and the links visited by the users, ChaCha knows where to look and what the best human-approved resources are for each question or topic.

ChaCha Blog
ChaCha Guides

Google best company to work in USA


Written on 9:16 AM by nitesh

When one can enjoy gourmet meals , do laundry , get an oil massage , play , swim while in office who would like to to go home from office. This is what happens to the employees of the google. Google made its debut at the number one position on the Fortune 10th 100 best companies to work for. With just 8 years into existence google has got hundreds of people eying to work at the company , google receives 1300 resumes a day. Google will surpass $10 billion in sales for 2006.

Today's workplace is better in these respects according to

  • It's more flexible.
  • It's more of a learning environment.
  • It's more diverse in terms of female and minority representation.
  • It's more supportive of employees raising a family.
  • It's more democratic in terms of employee stock ownership.
  • It's more open in terms of communication upwards and downwards.
  • It's more fun: parties and celebrations galore.

Other Software companies in the lsit are Cisco(11), Yahoo(44), Microsoft(50), strange point is there is no Apple.

Check the List
Why Google is #1