Fad vs Passions


Written on 12:39 PM by nitesh

  • German
  • Kafka or I can say philosophical books
  • Pool
  • Some Finance Certifications like CFA

These are some of my new fads, Now some reasons why I am not able to peruse them. Enquired about German the lady is charging 7500 for a six month course, I want to do it in 2-3 months and 7500 is way too high as there is no certification from a reputed German teaching institute. Pool, tables are in Atta market not near my home can't go daily :)

No reasons for Kafka will start it soon, read Archers new novel waiting for Advani's autobiography to be delivered. Need to figure out the finance certification stuff.

Now the big question how to turn Fad into a passion?

Looking for answer....... hopefully will get it.

Life has now become a waiting game for my MBA dreams wait listed at 2 places, will write soon in detail on great Indian MBA tamasha.

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