Funny Commercials


Written on 6:51 PM by nitesh

Here is one more site to waste hours browsing it watching the world's funniest ads shortlisted by editors from the best TV advertisements. So this is not like any video being uploaded on YouTube, here you find selected masterpieces.

Visitors can have options to watch ads categorized as

  • Top Rated
  • Sexy
  • International
  • All
  • Featured
One can also browse ads of particular brands and from particular country using the drop down option. Or Subscribe to watch the new ads first or suggest some ads

Start with Durex Condom and get addicted

Happy Holidays Mac & PC


Written on 2:48 PM by nitesh

Apple has decided to put differences with PC aside (after a series of PC and Mac ad) during the festive season and has come up with a Goodwill ad.

* NewAd
* Get Mac Ads

Apple has also launched an iChat add that does not focus on how the other guy (PC) sucks

Test Tube : You Tube's Innovation Centre


Written on 4:12 PM by nitesh

Test Tube is a special section on YouTube that allows users to test new features before they are rolled out onto the website.

This is where YouTube engineers and developers test out recipes and concoctions that aren't quite fully baked and invite you to tell us how they're coming along

Currently, you can test the new 'Streams' feature, which allows you to chat with other members who are viewing the same video as you. So more things to visit on web and enjoy.

Load Web Pages Faster


Written on 12:18 PM by nitesh

A must-see tweak for FireFox and Internet Explorer users. Most browsers are configured for dial-up. Tweak the settings more to boost surfing speeds and minimize page load times

Outrage: Dog humps USP port


Written on 8:46 PM by nitesh

There is outrage whole over the world after watching the video:

How could they ?? is every one saying

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Rumours : iphone coming on 15th Jan


Written on 8:26 PM by nitesh

Net is buzzing Rumours of launch of the much awated phone of 2007 , the Apple's iphone. It is expected that Apple will officially announce in Macworld Expo which will be from 9-12th Jan that iphone exists and will be launched in some near future. But buzz is that the iphone will released just after few days of launch, may be on 15th Jan 2007.

Announcements for large number of new apple products are also expected in near Macworld Expo 07.



Written on 11:29 AM by nitesh

BarCamp is coming to NCR again for the second time so get ready for tech talk , discussing various topics like designing for web 2.0, business sense of web standards , mobile standards and cogitating where the web is heading towards. Web 2.0 will be the highlight. I would love to hash out what Web 3.0 will be like, the virtual world !!!! .
Till now 73 tech guys, dotpreneurs have confirmed their participation and the number is rising.

So see you on Saturday, December 9, 2006 at Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd. D - 27, Sector 59, Noida at 9.30am


Time: Gadgets of the Year


Written on 3:52 PM by nitesh

Time has started a poll on the top 8 gadgets of the year and there is no doubt which one is leading, its apple's mac book pro with 45% till today The list includes:
  1. Apple MacBook Pro
  2. Nintendo DS Lite
  3. Nike + iPod Sport Kit
  4. Sanyo HD1 Digital Media Camera
  5. Logitech VX Revolution Mouse
  6. Logitech Wireless DJ Music System
  7. Garmin StreetPilot c550
  8. Palm Treo 700w
Waiting for a new year gift!! some body gift me any one :-)

New PS3 Commercial 'Control'


Written on 5:26 PM by nitesh

Sony has released the new PS3 commercial just few days after its release. The commercial is titled Control stressing on the experience of next generation of control .

Watch it

Eager to get my hands on but would have to wait for its launch in India and even longer to save 25K to buy it .

Flickr Camera Finder is here to help you buy a digi cam


Written on 4:58 PM by nitesh

I wanted to buy a digi camera but was confused which one to buy couldn't finalize one but probably with the help of flickr camera finder I will be able to decide one.

Main page of the camera finder shows the most used digi cameras , cell phones with camera and most popular brands.

Presently cannon is ruling the roost in the popularity charts with three cams in the most popular category and in cell phones with camera category sony is ruling with K750i.

Flickr has lined up all the camera manufacturers in its CameraFinder category and clicking on any manufacturer will show the different models and the maximum photos are taken by which model in a graphical manner. It also shows the top 5 cameras in the community. It is very helpful for novices who don't know about megapixels and shutter speed as popularity can help them buy.

I checked the cannon and found out that maximum pics were taken by EOS Digital Rebel XT during the last month

One can also check out the top 5 performers in a particular brand .

One can also see the detailed specifications a particular camera. It also shows how many photos were uploaded by users of the camera and in a graphical pattern the usage in a year. Bottom of the page shows the pics taken by the camera.

Lots of things can be done but one thing which is missing is comparison option which i feel will come soon

so Find a Camera and i hope to find mine also

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Graphic Equalizer Made from Fire


Written on 1:49 PM by nitesh

This guy has created a device that shows a visualisation of music via fire. Looks pretty easy to make too. Be sure to watch it until the end - he plays music through the thing

World ’s Highest Website


Written on 12:45 PM by nitesh

Welcome to the World ’s Highest Website! Currently, it’s 18.939 kilometers high (that’s about 11.769 miles), and an enormous pleasure to scroll. Enjoy. For fine print and technical details, either scroll down by yourself or take the elevator, which offers light speed hypertext transportation for free.

I checked the print preview and it skipped 18.939Kms and there was only one page.

Shirt Guitar


Written on 4:40 PM by nitesh

Australian researchers have developed an innovative “air guitar shirt that lets you play music by moving one arm to pick chords and the other to strum the imaginary instrument’s strings.



More Info

iPhones Ordered


Written on 4:39 PM by nitesh

Apple has ordered shipping of around 12 million iphones to Taiwan based Foxconn Electronics. No other details has been released yet. Apple is expected to launch the iphone somewhere around in the first quarter of 2007.

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Use of Old Computers


Written on 4:22 PM by nitesh

I was browsing through a blog and found out these pics in a post showing creative use of old computers

Computers For Art

Like Visual Search


Written on 6:39 PM by nitesh

Riya that came up with a facial recognition technology has now come with a visual catalog and search tool for consumer products in Web 2.0 conference. It is basically an image search engine not like existing image search engines which takes text as query. takes both text and image as query not done by anyone else presently.

First you enter a text say watches you will get lots of images then you can select one of the watch and click on the likeness search to compare and find watches related to that, one can also select color options size options. In short you are using one image as a query to find more images. plans to add image upload option soon. Presently they are indexing images from watches, shoes, bags and jewelery they plan to add new stuff gradually. also gives cost of the product searched and the place from where it can be bought

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Sony Mimics Apple


Written on 12:38 PM by nitesh

VGN-N17L, a notebook with a 15.4" display by sony resembles a lot with apple's laptops. Soon we can expect some lawsuite action.

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Orkut + Gtalk – Blending Social Networking with Instant Communication


Written on 4:15 PM by nitesh

After linking GTalk to gmail and google docs to spreadsheets now it’s time for orkut and gtalk blending

Google has recently removed the invitation option in orkut so as to increase the number of users of orkut lagging very behind to others like myspace (130 million and orkut’s 30million). This blending will also further increase the usability of both orkut and gtalk which is not as popular as yahoo or msn but is popular among tech guys mainly.

A Google spokeswoman says there will be option on Gtalk ‘Orkut Friends’ showing status and information in the buddy list. GTalk users may be able to scrap to their orkut friends via GTalk. Others more features are also expected. The announcement is expected some time next week.

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PS3 in Hong Kong and Taiwan This Month


Written on 12:35 PM by nitesh

Sony has now again changed the plans for the launch of PS3. Now latest launch schedule is

  • 11Nov2006 – Tokyo
  • 17Nov2006- Hong Kong, Taiwan, North America

Europe and Australia will have to wait probably till march next year. This is the first time that gamin consoles in countries other then Japan are sharing the launch date with North America. There is not even mention of India in the playstation site of Asia.

Top Five James Bond Car Chases


Written on 3:50 PM by nitesh

FifthGear has compiled a list of the five greatest James Bond Car Chases.

Chases in increasing order are

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New iPod Shuffle Launch on Nov. 3


Written on 5:59 PM by nitesh

Apple has confirmed that the world’s smallest digital music player will be available in apple stores from 3rd nov.


  • 1Gb Memory
  • Upto 240 songs can be added
  • Price $79
  • Upto 12 hours of battery life.
  • Includes earbud headphones and an iPod shuffle Dock.

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Scrype - Online/offline Syncing Calendar and Organizer


Written on 2:30 PM by nitesh

Online/offline calendar and organizer scribe has launched its beta version. I have requested for one account hopefully will get in a few days. One can work offline on this application and its automatically syncs up online whenever we are online. There are hell lot of features in it best one is paper sync in which we can take print out’s of our schedule in various forms (which are easily foldable and can be kept in wallets etc).

Check more in this fully explanatory you tube video.

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Google Thinking About You ??


Written on 5:26 PM by nitesh

Googlism finds out what Google thinks about you or the term you enter in it. I searched my name and found out:

Googlism for: nitesh
  • nitesh is now back at one of his favourite games
  • nitesh is also very keen to work in our other destinations
  • nitesh is one of them
  • nitesh is a graduate member of the bcs
  • nitesh is a pro at this one and he encouraged me to try it
  • nitesh is catan's third subordinate
  • nitesh is willing to learn and adapt to new challenges
  • nitesh is still sweet chocolate brown
  • nitesh is a candidate at blue star weyr
  • nitesh is very good person
  • nitesh is going to scan all the project proposals and put them on the lfg homepage
  • nitesh is another frighteningly clever person
  • nitesh is het geen
  • nitesh is an old buddy of mine from high school who
  • nitesh is bored with the same old train
  • nitesh is still a young and hardy man
Last one is very much true :D

So try out your name and other terms and have fun

New Packaging for Microsoft Vista & Office 2007


Written on 5:14 PM by nitesh

With new versions Microsoft is also introducing new packaging for the much awaited vista and office 2007. Packaging is very nice and looks convenient to keep dvd protected but is also reminds me of the corn flakes packaging


Cross Player


Written on 3:52 PM by nitesh

The Saint B is an MP3 player concept out of Russia. It is a player inspired by the original Christian Symbol, The Cross. The player charges via a usb and has an earphone plug placed around the armpits of the cross.

But the big question is can anyone wear the sacred cross.??

Design Creator really has guts!!!

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Star Wars USB Drives


Written on 5:37 PM by nitesh

Here is another of the star wars products from the Mimoco , this time it is Chewbacca USB. It is second in series of the characters first one was the Darth Vader’s USB. The Flash Drive is available in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities and comes bundled with exclusive Star Wars content.

The product will be officially releases in Jan –07 and prices range between $ 80 to $170. Pre order can be done now.

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Cooliris - Why Click


Written on 8:15 PM by nitesh

Firefox has released add-ons for the latest version 2.0 . There are lot of new additions like blue organizer (I reviewed it earlier) , yoono, jajah. The one I found out most interesting was Cooliris .

I clicked on settings in my blogger account and the page popped out

It enables us to do fast browsing as now there is no need to click on any link and go to that particular page using cooliris lets you to simply set the mouse on the link and see the content immediately. In short it reduces back buttons clicks and dead links visits. It works on IE, Firefox and safari browsers.

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Orkut - No invitation needed now


Written on 2:03 PM by nitesh

Today i checked my orkut account after 4-5 days and found out a new addition to it, Join Now option which directs to another page in which one can create an profile without invitation . This will probably lead to increase in the number of users from different countries, presently Brazilians dominates in making accounts on orkut india is far behind. This will also help in increasing the google's adds revenues .

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Bluetooth Retro Handset


Written on 1:53 PM by nitesh

This one is for those guys who liked the retro handset a lot, they can now use this and get a feel of the earlier phones for just $40.

  • An original ThinkGeek design - not sold anywhere else
  • Battery charges via USB connection
  • Make and receive calls
  • Approximately 30 ft range
  • Works with Bluetooth V1.0, 1.1, 1.2
  • Blue LED indicates function mode
  • Comes with: Handset, USB cable, instructions
  • Please note: cell phone not included
So now no need for this :




Written on 2:24 PM by nitesh

I came across this nice video on what could happen to the you tube in coming months. What do you guys think about that. Comments!!!

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Moto’s Portable Charger


Written on 1:53 PM by nitesh

If you have forgotten to charge your phone and you are on the move and have to arrange some important meetings and is waiting for your girl friend’s call. Motorola P790 will solve your problem; it fits in the mini usb port of your Motorola phone and gives you two full charges. Later on you can charge the device with the help of its adaptor. Price is not yet decided and it will be launched in November.

Moto's Portable Charger --StuffMag

Ivory Cell Phones


Written on 4:58 PM by nitesh

The slider of this cell phone is made from ivory. It is heavily priced at over $20,000 dollars and only six such cell phones are made and these are only available in china.
Spending power of Asians rising !!!

Google Literacy Project


Written on 11:17 AM by nitesh

Google has launched the literacy project in association with the Litcam and Unseco. It is a resource for anyone interested in reading and education. Google has just bundled six of its existing applications namely

Book Search
Use Google Book Search to find books about literacy, reading promotion, and education.

In scholar one can search for literacy-related content across many disciplines and sources like theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations.

See what the literary organizations are doing and one can also upload his/her videos

It can be used to locate literary organizations

One can share his/her knowledge by starting a blog, or browse through the existing blogs on education.

Discover forums on literacy projects and ideas, or start your own debate in groups like book club, child literacy and many others.

The Red Manifesto


Written on 8:48 AM by nitesh

U2 lead singer bono and show host Oprah Winfrey unveiled the ‘iPod nano red’, which is another product in the red product team. The 4GB capacity iPod priced at $199, $10 from each sale will go the product red charity which will be used to help women and children in Africa whose life is blighted by the curse of HIV/AIDS epidemic. Other companies that have so far stepped up with PRODUCT RED offerings include the Gap, American Express, Armani, Converse, and Motorola.

So now those guys who are planning to buy iPod buy a red one for the noble cause.

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The Wait - First PS3 commercial


Written on 4:22 PM by nitesh

After the grand success of pre-orders of the PS3’s sony has just begun airing commercials for the PS3’s in north America with first one being titled = ‘The Wait’. Last week around 30,000 to 57,000 PS3’s we pre-ordered. PS3 is expected to cost around $612-$734

'The Wait'

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FreeTube-Watch TV Online


Written on 1:26 PM by nitesh

FreeTube allows us to watch live TV. It has about 200 channels categorized in various sections like sports, news, business news and so on. My net speed is not that fast so I am not able to watch fully live but there is very little lag in the sound so at least one can hear the sound. I checked the cnn-ibn channel sound was pretty clear and picture was lagging.

Here is one screen shot, it is showing streaming place blank here..

64GB USB 2.0


Written on 12:34 PM by nitesh

Yes you are reading correctly it is 64GB sixty four… giga bytes flash drive by BUSLink. But it is very costly 64GB priced at $5000, I don’t know who will buy that because we can have two awesome laptops at the same price.Apparently they've also got a 32GB (not shown) and 16GB drive for $1,500.

There is one more manufacturer of the jumbo size drives Kanguru. This one is cheaper priced at around $2800.

10Mp Phone


Written on 11:57 AM by nitesh

Till now I had heard about the camera phone having 3.2MP only but was shocked to see a 10MP Samsung camera SCH-B600. The phone looks like a digital camera on one side and phone on other side.

Phone Features are:

  • 10MP
  • 3x optical zoom 5x digital zoom
  • auto focus and flash
  • manual focus
  • burst mode
  • TV input jack to connect straight to TV
  • MP3 player
  • Bluetooth
  • And many other features

The phone is available in korea only for 900,000 won or Rs 41,000 approximately




Written on 11:19 AM by nitesh

Microsoft has just released the commercial of their Xbox HD-DVD titled "B Boys" to be releases soon, It’s another step toward the ongoing war between HD DVD and blue ray.

But the big question is will the XBOX able to survive the onslaught of PS3 and Nintendo to be launched this November?


Google Docs


Written on 4:40 PM by nitesh

Google has just launched Google Docs application which is just integration of writely and Google spreadsheets. The new site now shows all the spreadsheets documents and writely documents in a single list. This is another shot towards the Microsoft’s cash cow office and towards other online office suites competitors like zoho.

I will review it later but will write about the one feature that I tested on it that is converting your email, word or any others documents to pdf format online using the Google docs.

  1. On logging to the Google docs you will get a unique id where you can email your documents. One can also upload the documents using the upload feature.
  2. After sending the mail you will receive a email from the Google server which would contain a link to the document.
  3. Open the document and use save as pdf, word or other options to save your documents.

I don’t see it’s extensive use in a country like India where net access is still very less compared to population, slowly these application particularly web 2.0 will be used extensively here.

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