IMT-G GD-PI experience : bikasoul :)


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IMT interview expereince

GD topic : initially we were given 2 topics we had to select the group quickly decided
"The future lies in globalization"

8 minutes - 15 speaker

was the 2nd speaker to speak gave some points it is good for all political , social economic and cultural benefits
came in 2-3 time in between
and gave a good point of GLOCOLIZE globalizing keeping our local values and ethos intact group appreaciated the point

summarized and wrote summary were given around 3 minutes to write , working on keyboard has slowed down my writing speed


3 people

L1, P1 , P2

P2 : tell me something about yourself which is not in this from
me : some blah , but came to hobbies so he said its there tell me your strengths and weaknees
I said adaptability and team spirit

p2: what made you think you are adaptable
some bak bak and than gave example of rural internship in tejgarh

p2 now about team spirit
some bak bak and elaborated on work done during synapse

p1 difference between core2duo and dualcore . dont you think it is just a marketng gimmik
me : no not only marketing main difference is between processing power one is more powerful than other
and some thing about marketing also it is necessary

p1 difference between c and c++
me : gave the usual answer object oriented

p1 that we know explain as if you are explaining to a lehman
me okay explained using the example of room ... room is class chair table objects all
blah blah encapsulation etc

p1: any other language which is object oriented
me: java , it is used more as lots of guys are continuously enhancing it etc

p1 do you know about scandanavien community
me : no idea sir

p1 but you are ict engineer
me sorry sir no idea

p2 why mba
me goals etc

p1: out of the blue question ur hands are shivering are u nervous
me no sir these are not shivering just body language

p1: do you booze
me : yes

p1 : how often
me once a month

p1: no you are not telling the truth
me : smiling yes sir it is truth, last drank this date and the next one will hopefully in next month :)

p2: what did u eat last night
me : was not feeling well so had a light dinner

p2: have something offering biscuits
me : no thankyou sir

p1: again shocking me start taking bikasoul from now ownwards otherwise you will be facing serious music in near future ( he was smiling)
me : smiling what to say was thinking about the words serious music in near future

l3: what are u passionate about
me: sports
lot of bak bak following and playing something about blog also

all three smiling

me smiling thankyou

lasted for around 14-15 minutes

was enjoying it :) specially the bikasoul part :)

hoping for the best rest is luck

IIFT interview experience


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Posting very late here at blog, posted in pagalguy

Profile :
X- 86%
XII- 89%
btech- 72%
wrk-ex - 19 months

GD topic : Increasing connectivity in social empowerment

There were 9 guys in total for the GD 2 were absent

Overall the discussion was healthy no fish market sort of
Initially 2 minutes for my turn -- since 3-4 guys already had explained what is social empowerment discussed education and gud gdp growth has made people ask questions, politicians are slowly becoming accountable
so went from rural india perspective women still not have their say increasing female foeticide , crime against women ,
Role of NGO's named few social workers medha partker and testa stelvad they have become the voice of people who are not socially empowered
blah blah about NREGA

Group Discussed -
From rural perspective
Urban perspective
blogging, media , tv , radio , movies RDB MBBS,
discussed a lot on NREGA and RTI

i chipped in sometimes with PIL , need to education the rural people specially about agri since lot of india is dependent on agriculture , role to be played by agri universities

group said a
lot about infrastructure ..... roads link whole india villages etc
role of radio in rural india , media etc

from global perspective some abt china, pakistan probs in iran etc australians abrogines etc

decent gd

3 persons
one lady L1 and 2 guys

L1- what do u want to do in life
me- short term marketing bak bak
long term want to be generalist specialist
L1 interrupts generalist specialist seems to be a nice term explain it
explained it
L1 - give an example of such type of person
me - gave
L1 - what is a gud brand
me- the thing which when talked about hits ur mind the most
example of apple :)
L1- you have to market ur company how will u do it
me - mine is a small company so said
1. do gud work deliver on time the clients will give testimonials etc
2. CSR will raise the awaireness abt the company in society
3. media paper etc

L1 - okay

G1 - tell me gud and bad points of ur comapny
me - 3-4 gud points and 1 bad point

G2 - what are the clients of ur company
me - told the names

G2 - ur company have to set up an office in US what are the decisions u would take
me - we already have a sales office sir
G2 - what if it is the first one
me - it shld be nearest to the client like present one is at San Jose some bak bak
the talent should be there as , some of the employees should be hired from the place where u are setting up the office ( localy guys )
cheap resources etc

G1 - what is the revenue model of the company
me - bak bak most US and few from India

All smile and said okay u can go

no hobbies no sports no economics all general

it went hardly for 8-10 minutes

PI was mast GD decent
Fingers crossed :)

Dollar vs Rupee


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Currency appreciation is an indicator of booming economy with increasing international business. Rupee has appreciated around 12-14% in the past year. This has brought new challenges and new opportunities as well.
Dollar is depreciating because of huge US govt borrowings, high current account deficits, budget deficits and low savings rate. The inflow of USD has increased in indian economy due to various ways like External commercial borrowings, FII's , FDI and all these have caused the rupee to appreciate against the dollar.

This trend is expected the continue further as more and more money is expected to be pumped in growing countries specially the BRIC ones. Other reason is countries like China may plan to shift their forex reserves from US to basket of currencies, their by dumping dollars in the market further depreciating the dollar.

It is impacting our exports in negative way and imports in positive way. Out rising import bill is curtailed, we are able to bear the challenges of rising oil prices in international market because of the appreciation of rupee and hence keep inflation under control.We can increase our spending on infrastructure and setting up industries as procurement of engineering goods from outside India will be cheaper. Companies like Ranbaxy and L&T have been able to generate forex gains in the last quarter because they have substantial exposure to ECBs.Tata's corus funding has become cheaper :) .
Good time for Indian consumers interested in buying imported goods as electronics items ,cars etc are all cheaper now. Holidays to Europe and US are cheaper now.
Indian companies are expanding a lot abroad as acquiring companies has become cheaper enabling the companies the pursue the dreams of becoming Indians multinationals.
This is a good time to pay our external debt :)

Indian exporters are facing lot of problems, gems jewelery and textile exports have become cheaper now and margins are getting squeezed. Specially in the textiles sector lot of workers have been laid off. It is right time for these companies to move up the ladder by manufacturing luxurious items that is high value goods which will bring in more returns and help them survive the new challenges. Medium and small scale sector companies in the above sectors are facing problems.

Indian service sector, which rose when the rupee depreciated in the early 90's from 25 to 45 is now facing the challenges of appreciating. Though revenues are increasing but profits are getting squeezed and growth of the overall sector is expected to be slowing down to some extent but not in a big way.
It companies are decreasing their exposure to the US market by focusing on Europe and Australia also, Satyam US revenues have come down to approx 50% level, so are other companies trying. Companies are trying to move up the value chain through consulting and making products also and decreasing the bench strength and providing more trainings etc. IT companies are acquiring companies abroad and at places which are nearer to the clients at cheaper markets.

With the US economy expected to go in recession it may bring in more outsourcing work for the service sector as it will lessen the cost of companies in US.

RBI have to make such policies which bring in lot of money in India now as all are fearing to put their money in US markets. Let the money be invested in infrastructure, mining , and other sectors.
Mindset should be changed in tackling with this problem and opportunity, search for new markets and build industrial base should be the mantra.
Need is to bring better infrastructure like roads, ports and airports which will to some extent lessen the logistics cost of indian exporters and it will also promote the exports.

Future is bright for India , japan came out of it in the 60's when one dollar was 360 yen and it appreciated to around 100 yen , we will also be able to tackle the problems.

Time to develop indian brands .... soft power

Toastmasters- Tall Tale Contest : Prabhu Ji


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Gave a tall tale on mithun-da, he is a tall tale in itself, thanks to great bong from where i took most of the points and other mithun sites and pics also from net

Was disqualified as took 15-30 seconds more :( but it was fun
now 7 projects done 3 left :)

Used slides also

Here it goes

A buxom lady is going to have the shoulder of her blouse torn by a bunch of marauding ruffians. Suddenly, a bottle rolls on the ground and a Man enters the screen. The hooligans ask “Who are you?” In a voice that would make the blood of tigers run cold (old jungle proverb), He says:

I look like a drunken and i run like a horse i hit like a hammer"

The man. The legend. Mithun Chakraborty. Some call him Mithun-da
Mithun-da is one of my idols. I will go even further and say He is my God. I believe in Him. I call him prabhuji

And like any fanatic love , I am here to spread the religion mithunism here and hope to salvage many mithunless souls but first

I have to confess. My faith in Him had faltered. Once

On the very first day of shooting for Mithun-da’s new movie “Chingari” directed by Kalpana Lajmi, the traditional rape sequence was being picturized between Mithun-da and Sushmita Sen. However Sushmita, who is somewhat of a nag and a pathetic pseudo, left the sets fuming about how Mithun touched her inappropriately during the scene.

Despite the irony of inappropriate fondling during a rape scene, I was distraught. How could Prabhu do this to a girl his daughter’s age? I cried myself to sleep and in my dreams, Mithun-da came to me, whispering words of wisdom.

He said nothing. In my dream, He was standing on a desolate beach with dolorous weather-beaten eyes. He bent down, picked up a fistful of sand, and let it fall through His fingers. I immediately understood what He meant—-the ephemeral nature of the human body, ashes to ashes –dust to dust—-what is one touch here or there ? It’s all Maya.

How true. I was born again

Mithun-da is versatile. No living actor has essayed as many diverse roles from tribal, gunda , taxi driver to james bond.

A word about Mithun-da’s Bond avatar. It’s one of this century’s biggest tragedies that so few people know about our Desi Bond– G-9 . While he may not have worn exquisitely tailored suits or sipped Dom Perignon below 38F, Mithun-da is the only Bond to have group danced with a gaggle of ladies in skin tights.

Talking of villains, in almost all movies Prabhuji has tackled the scariest villains ever seen on screen. In other words, the scum of the earth as represented by the lusty Bulla, the dark Kala Shetty, the hapless Lucky Chikna, the sly Ibu Hatela, the politically well-connected Lamboo Ata and the fearless Ballu Bakra. Each of these accursed souls have been dispatched to their maker by Prabhuji with style

Not only is Mithun-da India’s greatest actor and superhero, He is a very keen businessman. And a visionary to boot. If Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry in the early 20th century with the use of the “assembly line”,

Mithun-da has done something similar with movies. Sick and tired of Mumbai’s loss-making film industry, He started an alternative center for high-quality yet money-making movies in beautiful Ootie. Movies are efficiently produced within two weeks—from conception to the finished product.

The baseline plot is –Mithun-da is an honest man, His father gets killed, His sister gets raped and then He takes revenge. As simple as that, and when base is ready one can make any kinds of softwares on that.

Like many geniuses, Prabhu-ji’s greatness has not been appreciated. While duds like Shahrukh keep on getting one Filmfare after another for crappy lovefests, Mithun-da has to be content with measly “Best villain” awards. BS I tell you ! And His greatest movie, “Gunda” surely deserved the Oscars much more than that monstrosity “Titanic”............. there are 2 kinds of people in this world those who have watched gunda and those who shall watch it :)

Just like Spielberg plagiarized Satyajit Ray’s script to make ET, countless number of Hollywood hotshots have shamelessly copied from the holy texts without so much as a hat tip.

Mithun-da’s movie “Boxer” was an inspirational story of how a no-hoper becomes a champion boxer—with his coach being a monkey whom Mithun-da feeds bananas. Stallone lifted the concept for “Rocky”

And then in another movie, he suspends himself mid air and kicks the enemy in super slow mo—–yes the precursor of “Matrix” which incidentally should have been called “Mithun Tricks”, salute to a man who has counted to infinity twice yes rajni as supporting actor .

In a similar situation, I once remember Mithun-da running when a villain fires a bullet. What follows is a breathless chase—bullet flying, Mithun-da running, bullet flying, Mithun running. Then when the bullet is gaining on Him, Mithun-da suddenly steps aside and the bullet passes Him by a whisker. Only then does He realize the bullet is going to hit His widowed mother. Now it is Mithun running, bullet flying, Mithun running, bullet flying. And at the last moment, He grabs the bullet and saves His mother. maaaaaaaaaa

Simply divine.

He inspired India’s 21st century economic prosperity with the inspirational line “if you want to eat halva than u will have to dance —-but I shall leave that for now.

Because it is now time for prayers.

Long live mithun da

Thanks again to greatbong and lots of mithun fans