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SPjain GMba interview , It was on 8th March

3 essays
Wrote one pathetically but other two were okay :)

GD: technology can solve all problems
gave 3-4 gud points overall a decent performance

2 persons
one lady one guy

G1= Tell me about yourself
me blah blah

G= Did you join any coaching
me = no coaching but test series

L= which other calls do u have
me = IIFT, IMT-G

L= what's your % this year
me 96

L= did you gave cat any other time
me= yes when in college

L: % that year
me= 91

L= only gain of 5%
me = competition has also increased :)

L= try next year for iims
me = loss of opportunity cost :)

L= If all three gets converted which one would u prefer
me = Gmba why because its giving me global exposure which is must nowadays
as a company needs to be multinational to grow , gave example from past when i
didnt join NIT-K but joined daiict

L: Your father is a professor tell me 2 qualities which you have learnt from him
me: patience and never say die attitude giving exapmples and resons

G: There is a one more guy from your company
me : yes i know him my company is small so I know almost everyone :)

L: So if there is one seat whom we should take you or him
me: this is a tricky question

L: yes it is :)
me: okay you should choose me as i am one year younger to him and have gained much more expereince and exposure that him in less time and some more points which i have forgotten

G: you mother is a MA -BEd why she is not teaching
me : :) she is more interested in bringing me and my sister up.

L: Why Product marketing but not services marketing as you are from service sector
me: there is not much different in the both , there are lot of IT companies which develops products as well and above all marketing a product require more creative skills, out of box thinking as you are introducing a new product you need to change/divert people attention/perception towards your product, I want to do this.

L: Newspaper
me : toi

L: what on current affairs should we ask
me: anything on sports

L: dont know about sports
me: on subprime or budget

L: I am a layman explain subprime crisis to me
me : explained it beautifully in 2-3 minutes

L: 3 major highlights of budget
me: defence allocation, 60K crore and tax slabs

both smiling you can go now

lasted for around 14-15 minutes

Cleared this stage and was called for director's interview

Director : Tell me about your work-ex
me : told him

D: why marketing
me: told him

any questions
yes something on scholarship, and when the course is starting
he gave me the answers

he was compiling the scores according to me , writing some comments on paper and scores of othes sub sections( gd etc)

then he put the paper on a stack ( there were two stacks of those paper i dont know where is mine gone ... )

Hoping for the best

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  1. Journey of a dream |


    Thanks for briefing on how was interview and all. I would be thankful if you could tell me which sort of essays should be prepared for the interview. Can U please give me your mail id. Mine is rahulkanotra@gmail.com. I got 88 percentile in this time SP Jain GMBA written. How should I proceed...

  2. hk |

    so did u get selected for gmba

  3. Anonymous |

    Hi, I am a DAIICT 2008 passout. I hav the interview on 6th march. Did you get it finally??

  4. andrew smith |

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  5. GAURAV |


  6. bettar davi |

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