Flashback : Second Year in College


Written on 4:10 PM by nitesh

Coming to second year

I forgot to mention few things of first year, most enjoyable lecture used to be of sameresh chatterjee sir imitating his ‘k’ do u have any doubt. Unscrewing the screws of benches of LT-2 and then throwing them in front became a routine unless they were screwed back very tight beyond our reach to unscrew them.

There was no chance of going home after the end sem exams as our internship was supposed to begin the very next week after exam. Purna Chand proposed the idea of going to mehsana shankoo’s water park. All enjoyed rain dance, skidding down the giant octopus and many more stuff out there.

water park

Rural Internship

After the semester we were supposed to land into the tribal area of tejgarh for our rural internship. There was a caravan of 5 buses to take us to the academy of Proff. G.N.Devi. There were two hostels reserved for us one was in ‘zoz’ and other in ‘chichor’ both in opposite directions of the academy. In early days we were allotted to collect details about sickle cell anemia in different villages of the tribal belt. There were few incidents like arjun mullakala and group being chased away by the residents of the village where they went for data collection.

Most memorable part was going back to hostels from academy on jeeps fully loaded with 30 students, there used to be fight for sitting up on the jeep and first place to be filled was right above the driver head after that the seats were filled. 15-16 kms journey was covered by singing songs and one day there was a marriage procession passing by and the tribals were playing with swords and taru sardana was lucky to escape the sword just by few inches.

bootom empty and top full

We used to sleep on the dice/stage of the school (our makeshift hostel) and in the night that stage became a casino with cards being played in all the areas of the stage. We slept with cards and woke up with cards. All became very good players of cards games after internship. After few days mercury rose to late 40’s and to our delight the little bit work which we used to do was also stopped, breakfast was delivered at our hostels. A bat was bought from the ‘Haat’, a weekly market place in tribal areas and cricket season started in the classrooms and stage area. Some days kabaddi was also played but bruises which all players received stopped out dreams of bringing gold in Olympics.

We also became cops as a drunken thief who stormed into the zoz hostel was caught (by raju, amit singh and many more) beaten and locked up in jail. Fast food outlet in chota udaipur became a common outing place. Other source of entertainment was provided by watching movies @3 in the STD shop in the zoz area.

One night while sleeping we heard lot of noises, actually the marriage season was in full flow at that time and a group came celebrating the marriage with all their paraphernalia consisting of swords , sickles , knives etc. We were completely confounded and to say the least horror-struck.
There were other small incidents between manu suryansh and sid pandey and prabhat, which I guess prabhat can describe in detail.

Censored News
Chichoor students used to tease our ass of by telling us (zoz people) how they woke up early to watch the 2002 batch girls going for bathing and other stuff, there was time division between boys and girls over using toilets and bathrooms. I can’t go in more details here.

After few days heat waves stopped and we all were divided into 15 groups of 14-15 students and were allotted different projects like virtual hospital, virtual museum etc. All groups were allotted one jeep to their disposal and our group under my leadership started visiting different primary health care centers to gather details.


We tried to finish our project fast so that we can go to hapeshwar (tri junction of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh border), river Narmada passes through here. The way was full of steep gorges (normally during the rainy seasons river flow through that way in which we were traveling), so a very good jeep was needed which we had. We somehow reached the river bed and visited the temple there, watched hundreds of owls swinging on the banyan tree there and finally swam in the river. When it was time to we saw 10 sadhus up on the top of our jeep. We told the driver that it would not be possible to transport 25 people through this difficult way, but no he said he will, and as luck is never with me the jeep stopped after 300metres and we had to push the jeep to get it started, the driver said he will park the jeep at a near distance not far away, sachin ran and jumped on the jeep. But that son of a bitch fellow didn’t stop the jeep after that, we 12 guys had to walk in the scorching heat and in the difficult mountainous track on foot for whole 8-9 kms. After approximately 6kms all we nearing to collapse, nihar was not feeling well because of dust. We somehow found a hut and drank the dirtiest water of my life. Finally after 3.30 hours of walking we reached near the jeep and shouted on both sachin and driver. We questioned idiot sachin ‘why he didn’t stop the jeep’, he gave bullshit answers like driver didn’t stop. Somehow they were lucky not to be hospitalized that day otherwise the combined effect of our hot heads, scorching heat and the agony we had suffered might had caused something severe.

Phone to dean incident

Some students couldn’t bear the heat and were not satisfied with the work being given and complained regarding this to the dean and requested for the shortening of the internship. Our internship coordinator on hearing this news got angry on all of us and asked us to give the names of those who complained, failing will result in we being failed
in internship. After long meetings and discussions it was decided that students (who ranged) will volunteer themselves. Night time at around 10.30 was allotted for meeting with proff. G.N.Devi.

As my group consisted of 3 students who ranged to the dean, I though of taking the moral responsibility and stepping down from the post of leadership but there was no such option. I had to stand again and again 3 times when the professor asked for the group leader of the students. Girls and few boys left 10 days earlier and many remained there in tejgarh, last assignment was living in village for 4 days. It was very wonderful experience, eating tribal food, green groundnut there. We were lucky to have toilets in our village while many of our friends had to wander into the shrubs to answer the nature’s call.


Semester 3

Our college was going to add one more big family of 240 students as new batch was due and we were excited thinking about ragging the juniors. For few days we were able to do some personality development test (PDP) but later on our seniors were given the responsibility to stop the ragging, group of seniors were assigned to each wing. Still we ragged some juniors , an extravagant farewell party was thrown for their formal acceptance in the college with loads of prizes for Mr and Miss freshers . Mr fresher carried on the trend of a DPSite running away with accolades.

With third sem also came back sanjay sir with oop course and biswas sir with iel course. Third sem was the most hectic semester with regular assignments regular exams and projects. We bunch of 5-6 guys including sachin , dk , vivek , kikad, taru and me and many more used to sit together for doing iel assignments, one silly mistake and the question was to be done again. Mid semesters of iel were also either one week before or after the scheduled mid sems so for the whole semester we were busy giving exams.
Imitating Suman Mitra sir in dim lecture provided lots of entertainment during his deadening lectures. Respected sir was nicknamed ‘halwai’ in this semester because of his resemblance to a halwai, students visualized him wearing an undershirt, dhoti and a turban on his head and making ‘roshogullas’. (Statuary Warning No disrespect against the professor)

Group one remained unlucky in every electronics course as our labs used to be on Monday, we used to spend four and four and half hours in labs for finishing experiments. Most frustrating part was ta’s revolving around the beautiful damsels of our batch during labs, we had to call them 3-4 times to solve our problems but only one call by the girls was enough and the whole problem was solved, ta’s used to solve the problem themselves but we unlucky ones have to solve ourselves.

Incidents like ‘run java’ by KD and ‘show tables’ by chotu were the highlights of our java project presentations. Our plans of going home on diwali vacations were disrupted by IBF course instructor who scheduled exam on the day on which we had planned to leave, our requests for postponement was denied and our confirmed tickets had to be cancelled and I was forced to travel by bus to Delhi to enjoy diwali.

We used to have long and sleepy lectures of sts normally exceeding by atleast 20-30 minutes , but one day out of the blue chakku came to our rescue and asked a very innocent question 'sir why do u always work overtime'. Professor asked who is this curious guy and chakku got completely carried away by sharad into standing up and accepting his bravo. Actually there was no other alternative sharad had raised his(chakku's) hand in the lecture. Then there was a long debate with professor suggesting alternatives like tuts etc and chakku said he don't have any problem with them. We all guessed this confrontation would snowball but better sense prevailed and chakku apologised for that later.

With third sem came useless Design Project in which we 6 lazy fellows though of making some wireless speakers (u play song in on room say F-107 and hear it in any room say in A wing). But we know how we passed the dp after (3 years in starting of 8th semester) submitting reports on Bluetooth and CDMA three times.

Sports culture was taken to a new level with the starting of annual sports festival, seniors and juniors rivalry in sports extended further with points tied after 4 games which included football, basket ball, badminton and table tennis. We lifted the badminton and volleyball and were defeated in football and table tennis. Winner was to be decided by cricket match. Fate was not with us and our 7 match undefeated run was broken and we lost the match on the big day when Anil Ambani paid a surprise visit to the college with his wife and mother and handed away the trophy to seniors.

anil ambani

This is all i remember till sem three

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  1. Prasoon |

    those screws - the rockets u forget - these for sure are etched into our minds n may remain forever ..

    talk of internship - well, another 53 day long episode which would be by far, one of the best experiences we had at da-iict :) [btw, care to divulge n expand the censored news - who would care now ki what is immoral n censored n so, open it right here plz....] - n that episode of dean n call n all was a beautiful enjoyment that night - i still remember it scene by scene - that moonlit night n 6 students instead of 5 standing up to raze the "man" inside our prof. also, u reported the count way too low - i guess twas some figure in 40s that created the record on 1 single jeep...
    remember the night results came out n we had some pretty astonished faces with the result of dfs[how could u forget that? - obvious reasons y i remember that still :P]

    now sem3 - all grps 2,3 n 4 will always be thankful to the headlining group 1 - n wait, did u speak of damsels.. am already rotflol :P

    waise, wherz the talk of inter n intra batch fights - did ya forget those?
    no mention of trips to rworld too - we had a special english movie week n such things.. rings a bell?

    ~edit:~ meTaL coming up with similar post on d same lines - u seem to have started a trend now - X1 X1 X1 - waiting for ur next now...

  2. Anand A |

    Simply superb. Anybody wanted ideas for a yearbook???

    Boss, superhit blog!

  3. nitesh |

    thanks for reminding

    and keep reminding me more, i will from now elaborate the censored stuff

    @anand a
    and all guys who commented my first blog

  4. Amod |

    oh, i relived through those days again! Personally I feel that rural internship days were the best days of my life. Unfortunately it was cut short, but I enjoyed each and every moment I spent there. Just the mere mention of Tejgadh days fills me with joy. Yeah Semester 3 was pretty hectic and it was a fulltoss as far as grading is concerned.
    Lol, I faced Baba's wrath due to the 'run java' episode.. I was so disappointed by the JAVA project, sigh! Also in Sem-3 many people brought computers and gaming became a fulltime activity for some of us...
    Check my blog, there's something about our 2006 batch interactions..


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