Mumbai Blasts and Indian Government


Written on 9:25 AM by nitesh

The government of India has started taking actions after the 26/11 Mumbai blasts. Are these actions useful or helpful is a different matter. But first lets discuss what actions are being taken.

First was sacking of Shivraj Patil , and CM and Deputy CM of Mumbai. Few of these were expected specially the Patil one as the suit changing man was out of sorts in handling the home ministry. Other two went because of their own acts Deshmukh because of terror tourism and R.R Patil because of his incapability in handling those two ill fated days of blasts and his famous comment "Small things happen in big cities" led to his fall.

Other important thing done by India was using its foreign policy in putting pressure on Pakistan from other countries specially the US of A. Initially we all Indians became emotional and were emphasizing on the need for was but we later came to know was is not possible as US will not allow this to happen. US troops are already fighting in regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan borders in killing jihadi terrorists. Majority of Pakistani troops are stationed there and they are helping the Americans.

So diplomatic front is the only open front, even though we have contradictory statements, foreign minister stating that military option is open and defense minster saying other day military option is ruled out.

Pakistan what should I say about the terrorist nation of Pakistan is behaving in the same way as expected. One day they say they are not responsible for non state actors other day they say its their responsibility.

Time is ripe for India to maneuver its foreign policy and become procative now. We should do what Indira Gandhi did during the Bangladesh was, visiting many countries and gaining their confidence and backing of many countries. We should stop taking help for our matters and start depending less on America to help us in sorting our matters. This is not the way future superpowers should behave. There is a need for both soft power and hard power. If our soft power is expanding in form of yoga and curry we also need to show our hard power sometimes.
Following the 50-50 policy never helps, we should either be for or against and trying to create a middle way usually leads to failures.

Conscious of our VIP's has risen and most of them have started demanding less security cover which, has become a status symbol for the politicians. In yesterday's HT it was mentioned that 46,000 men guard 13,339 VIP's and if we cut on these numbers we can create 4 new NSG's and double Delhi or Mumbai police forces. But no lal batti culture has so creep down in our councious that its very difficult to do away with.
There is only one way in which it can be done its through supreme court. Jayalalita and Karunanidhi both are having Z+ security, I don't understand why do they need such security cover, they have never received any threat, they only fear each other :) . Mulayam Singh supported the UAP in saving the government so he was given Z+ security. Every government goes this way, there is no way to decide whom to be given Y,Z,Z+ security. This is wastage of so much tax payers money.

NIA is next ......

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