Some More Solutions to the Terrorism Problems


Written on 10:28 AM by nitesh

Carrying forward my earlier post on steps to control terrorism in India , i after reading a lot , watching a lot of news channels and above all thinking a lot come up with few more solutions.

Eighth Point
Stop the funding of terrorism, its difficult but not impossible, most of the funding is done via poppy and opium crop which is grown in Afghanistan. If that can be curbed I think a major part of their funding for latest weapons will be affected

Ninth Point
Stop wastage of so much resources on our elite politicians like giving them so many NSG commandos, around 2500 are for their security out of the total of 10-12K NSG commandos.

Tenth Point
Raise salaries of Police officers, politicians pass the bill for their salary hike with full majority, salary should be hiked of police officers also , i feel it may to some extent stop bribing etc.

Eleventh Point
Smart people for intelligence agencies like RAW, IB , CID, CBI etc. Right now what is done is that if a politician is having problem with any officer he is transferred to CID office or CBI office. This is not the right way, funda of right man for right job just like in our armed forces should be followed.

Twelfth Point
The citizens should be given the option of show their protest against a canditate by using the option 'vote for none' . This will show our resentment towards the candidates and may put pressure on politicians also. See section 49-O

Thirteenth Point
Monitoring is required, as we now how valuable information is being provided by the CCTV footage installed in railway stations, so huge investment is required to install CCTV's and other modern equipments in public places and places of importance.

More points will be added

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