iphone 3g @ $199


Written on 12:08 PM by nitesh

Apple has done it again, Jobs launched the new iphone at half the price that is only 199 dollars. I got one for $399 2 months back. The repercussions will be felt all over the world now as nokia N series will be wiped out if its 199 dollars in US so it will be under Rs 18K in India that means the walkman series the N series all will slash prices other wise apple wind will take them all.
I see iphone iphones in the hands of people now.

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  1. abhi |

    July 11 is the revolutionary date for this epidemic flush. However, India would still have to wait, unless they are OK with hacking stuff.

  2. nitesh |

    yaar this is with the 2 year contract
    without contract it will be thoda costly

  3. Sumit Ramani |

    Any clue when iPhone would be available in India

  4. nitesh |

    it would be in india by september end or october both from airtel and vodafone :)


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