IMT-G GD-PI experience : bikasoul :)


Written on 6:21 PM by nitesh

IMT interview expereince

GD topic : initially we were given 2 topics we had to select the group quickly decided
"The future lies in globalization"

8 minutes - 15 speaker

was the 2nd speaker to speak gave some points it is good for all political , social economic and cultural benefits
came in 2-3 time in between
and gave a good point of GLOCOLIZE globalizing keeping our local values and ethos intact group appreaciated the point

summarized and wrote summary were given around 3 minutes to write , working on keyboard has slowed down my writing speed


3 people

L1, P1 , P2

P2 : tell me something about yourself which is not in this from
me : some blah , but came to hobbies so he said its there tell me your strengths and weaknees
I said adaptability and team spirit

p2: what made you think you are adaptable
some bak bak and than gave example of rural internship in tejgarh

p2 now about team spirit
some bak bak and elaborated on work done during synapse

p1 difference between core2duo and dualcore . dont you think it is just a marketng gimmik
me : no not only marketing main difference is between processing power one is more powerful than other
and some thing about marketing also it is necessary

p1 difference between c and c++
me : gave the usual answer object oriented

p1 that we know explain as if you are explaining to a lehman
me okay explained using the example of room ... room is class chair table objects all
blah blah encapsulation etc

p1: any other language which is object oriented
me: java , it is used more as lots of guys are continuously enhancing it etc

p1 do you know about scandanavien community
me : no idea sir

p1 but you are ict engineer
me sorry sir no idea

p2 why mba
me goals etc

p1: out of the blue question ur hands are shivering are u nervous
me no sir these are not shivering just body language

p1: do you booze
me : yes

p1 : how often
me once a month

p1: no you are not telling the truth
me : smiling yes sir it is truth, last drank this date and the next one will hopefully in next month :)

p2: what did u eat last night
me : was not feeling well so had a light dinner

p2: have something offering biscuits
me : no thankyou sir

p1: again shocking me start taking bikasoul from now ownwards otherwise you will be facing serious music in near future ( he was smiling)
me : smiling what to say was thinking about the words serious music in near future

l3: what are u passionate about
me: sports
lot of bak bak following and playing something about blog also

all three smiling

me smiling thankyou

lasted for around 14-15 minutes

was enjoying it :) specially the bikasoul part :)

hoping for the best rest is luck

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