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This is project 10

Inspiring your audience
I motivated them for personal improvement

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela for non violence
Sachin, dravid for elegance,
Dhirubhai ambani, tata for their vision
Edison for his never say die attitude
Sharukh khan for his repetitive roles in late 90’s
Vijay mallay for extravagant living
These people are known for one thing or other, that they have one unique thing

Do you have one unique thing that separates you from the herd ?
Do you have that in it you ?
What’s your brand i.e what are you know for ?

Good afternoon everyone

I will be covering three things first what is branding , why personal branding and finally how personal branding.

Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you’re saying about
Yourself. Brand is that which arouses emotions , ignites passions, echoes reliability and have a meaning
First of all let us understand what is branding( explain the example)
Now I will explain to you why personal branding is required
Water + Sugar + Fizz (put it into a can) = Costs less than Rs2

One more cut a person into pieces and try to sell it you will hardly get anything and remodel that person as sharukh khan and you will get millions.

So Do you guys realize what branding can do to a company, product or an individual.
Let me give you an example from our world i.e IT world
Ram and Shyam are two IT professionals who met at a evening networking session and they start talking to each other, They smile shake hands and introduce themselves
Ram introduces first and says : Hi I am a software professional presently working as a project manager in an MNC.
Shyam takes the words software engineer, project manager and makes a picture of Ram

Now Ram asks Shyam what does he do Shyam says smilingly last week my client called me a ‘Senior sleep consultant’ and Career Accelerator as last project implementation went perfectly smooth in last quarter.

Now relating the the benefits of powerful brand
Higher Value: In clients mind there may be many technological professional but there would be only one Shyam and this will enable him to command higher rates

Lower Cost of sale: We are always selling something to others, we sell ideas we sell ourselves and if we have a strong personal brand the selling would be easier.

Implied Assurance:
Shyam clients know that he will do whatever it takes to deliver project on time, His reputation spreads as his clients tell others about him thereby increasing his credibility.

You and me we all are brands we all are marketing heads of our own company called You Inc.

Now its you who have to decide what’s your brand reflects now, how you want it to be reflected and what are you doing to increasing your brand.
I am now going to tell you few simple steps required in building a personal brand.

But please remember
Building a personal Brand is always a journey not a destination: Treat it like a work in progress, you are either growing it or shrinking it there is no middle path.

First is discover: just ask yourself how do you want to be remembered after you are gone, you will get the answer. Give example of Actors, players, other personalities

Design: Once you have discovered who you are and what you want to be known as you have to decide how you will influence your target audience using your past experience and new learning’s

Deploy: How should others feel your brand, designing is important but implementations is far more important.

Deal: In this part of journey you must walk the talk i.e you must live upto your brand. Do keep the promises that you

Brand stands for truth brands stands for consistency.

You look around you will find lots of examples who symbolize for all the above phases
And finally you will become a company Me Inc or You Inc where you will be the CEO
And it will be know for following things

Aamir khan example

You Inc i.e your incorporation
You not as a person but as an organization as a company, its not Pradeep or Sudeshna but as Pradeep Inc or Sudeshna Inc where you are CEO of your company
I have jotted down my points how I want to be known as , I will not discuss those with you as I want them to be visible in due course of time.

Now if you ask me when is good time to start
I would say yesterday If you wait for the write time I can assure you that write time will never come.

Thankyou and good luck

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  1. Andrew - Six Minutes Public Speaking Blog |

    Nitesh: Congratulations on completing your 10th speech in the introductory Toastmasters manual. That is a significant accomplishment.

    I encourage you to continue through the advanced manuals in your pursuit of public speaking excellence.


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