Null Void in life and Appraisals


Written on 3:12 PM by nitesh

" Expect sweet surprise "
It was written in my daily forecast in TOI under my sun sign LEO.

I was happy in the morning as I had completed my morning tasks (not office related). Came to office happily met my colleague who came back from US after 2.5 months had some chocolates though not much I liked the choco biscuits which he had brought.

Sweet surprise which I though could be related to my yearly appraisal which is due since 31st July. So i though I may get it today. But came the mail from the respectable HR department stating that letters has been sent to your managers and the distribution will start from 17th september and the process will be over by 28th September.

Only one word came in my mind after reading that mail "Bullshit"
I read the mail again and understood the whole strategy .. the process will never start on 17th so expect the revised letter on 28th Sept which is Friday , hence the letter will go the Finance/HR after my sign latest by Monday i.e 1 october so my salary will not come in october but in November may be 1st nov if every thing goes all right from now.

Okay no problem with this mail it happens but when you keep on promising again and again that you will get your letter ( as it is commonly called in IT world) by 31st August it hurts. The HR gal calls a meeting telling you the whole of the procedure with strict deadlines with fixed dates 25th july 28 the july etc, we all feel assured that this will go correct with us.

This is frustrating and because there is no other place where I can vent my anger so I am writing to calm down myself.

Companies talk about meeting the deadlines infact beating the deadlines in delivering the required to the customers but when it come to their employees there is no such concept ... delay will not do any harm .... this is their feeling I think. I don't with this vision/values can the company succeed.

HR guys should do a survey of how the efficiency of the employees falls when he is not given his due on promised date, when a engineer works hard to meet the deadline why can't you work hard to meet the deadline on the promised.
Had there been a month delay from our side we would have been screwed.

I am getting frustrated and don't want to work, probably the dull phase which creeps my mind once in 30-40 days has come back. It is this phase where you are tensed there is huge emotional turmoil going on in the brain/heart and you feel like shouting at the top of your voice at the top of a building just like irffan khan did in the movie metro. There is huge vaccum like thing i am feeling. Other reason can be no pay no work if it can be no work no pay why can't that also exist. But that's no that big reason this is trivial matter but though frustration is still there.

I need a break to charge myself for one of the biggest battle coming on which a lot of my future depends.



Written on 1:30 PM by nitesh

DK tagged me to write 8 random things about myself about a month ago, here are those:

1. I tend to make an impression about a person very early. The impression can be very good or very bad, it may vary from person to person. This mental picture is made by my own self experience and 10-15% by listening about the person from others. But till now this habit has gone wrong only a few times so to me this is good.

2. A lot of time I feel helpless or in killer mode as I can't do anything about it, a few days back I was in mood to kill the karats. I hate 99.9% of the politicians from Manmohan Singh to Nehru, for obvious reasons. I feel present politicians are part of the problem they are not solutions. I want to be in politics some where down the line probably when I am past 35 years of age.

3. I am blunt though in the past year I have tried to controlled this habit, learning to be diplomatic, diplomatic may not be the write word so to be less harsh. I hate flatters . One can never expect sugar coated words from me. Probably If there is a girl in my life in future she can expect :)

4. Sometimes I do things at the whim of a moment, I don't know this is good or bad

5. I am very ambitious, though there are ups and downs in the life but thank to almighty those failure haven't deterred me from dreaming and trying to solemnize those dreams into reality. I feel I have to do something big which I haven't done till now.

6. I love sports, cricket has taken the back burner for some time now, i can watch anything from badminton, carrom on DD sports to football, F1, NBA, NHL etc . I don't like golf and American football probably because i don't understand the rules.

7. I love Friday parties :) TGIF 2-3 drinks by each and then the whole party erupts. Blames .. Intellectual talks , brainstorming, shouting , pouring out frustrations these all happen in friday nights. We all in the IT world enjoy these because this is the time to relax after 5 hectic days. A lot of times I feel like getting out totally and I do and only drinkers can understand the state of mind when you are in semi unconscious state ....... you enjoy you are free from the world.

p.s the above point doesn't mean that I am a habitual drinker i drink occasionally :)

8. I am emotional person, nice movies can make me cry. I love my friends and family a lot, I value them a lot in my life. I have started valuing them a lot since I left the age of anger , emotional bursts i.e teens. You feel the value of the friends and relatives when you are not with them.

I am the last one to reply to the tag so no one left to pass
Prasoon I am not sure
all have written about it

Custom Messages and bollywood


Written on 11:56 AM by nitesh

सूअर के बच्चो कब है होली

शीशे को शीशे काटता है
लोहे को लोहा काटता है
तुझे पागल कुत्ता काटेगा

सही बात सही वक़्त पर की जाए तो उसका मज़ा ही कुछ और है , और मैं सही वक़्त का इंतज़ार करता हूँ

जों मर्द होता है , उसे दर्द नही होता

Thanks to google indic , we see a lot of bollywood dialogues being used as custom messages in gtalk. The above four are those of mine.

It all started when I saw karan's message and prasoon was changing his messages in minutes coming up with new dialogues , this exited me and I send him खामोश बदतमीज़ and asked him सूअर के बच्चो कब है होली, this went on for 15-20 minutes with prasoon sending me चुप बे चपदगंजू finally and then the lord of bollwood gossip desi came up with masaledaar dialogues
starting from यह शादी नही हो सकती.

Thankyou google indic from now on i will try to never use english messages :)

Sadho Re


Written on 11:47 AM by nitesh

This is the song which is running on my laptop since dk forwarded it to me last friday and i am scratching my brains to understand this song. But still i am not able to understand it fully. Other song is Kabeera by same band Agnee .

I am back to good old days of listening to Indian Ocean, man ye bawra etc :)