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Written on 10:21 AM by nitesh

Here is another search engine battling out to lower google's share in the market. ChaCha is different from the other search engines out there like google, snap in a unique way. The engine has two options for searching :
  • simple searching
  • searching with real time guide.

When we search with a guide our query is sent to a person who is skilled/knowledgable in that particular field so that we can get the results we want . Our query is sent out to the thousands of guides out there and any one picks up our query if it is meaningful not words like 'jkads'.

When a guide is selected we can chat with the guide. Guide will talk to us for as long as we like. ChaCha indexes all the questions that are asked and associates them with the search engines and resources used by Guides, and the links visited by the users, ChaCha knows where to look and what the best human-approved resources are for each question or topic.

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