iPhone In iPod Out ??


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"Today we're introducing three revolutionary products," Jobs said moments before unveiling the device. "A new iPod, a phone and an internet communicator. These are not three separate devices -- we call it the iPhone."
Steve Jobs finally put an end to the months of speculations .

Nobody guessed the design of the ipone right , there is no button touch and use, wide screen ipod. As expected from Apple sleek and slim . iPhone is awsome combination of phone , music device ipod with touch screen and blackberry like internet communication device. But does it mean days of ipod are numbered when Apple will launch iPhone Nano and iPhone Shuffle in near future . I feel may be in america days are numbered but there are other markets to be captured like India and China.

And since we can use any song as ringtone so who will pay some dollars to use xyz song as ringtone , another implication is days of ringtones companies are numbered.

So Nokia and Motorola start reducing your prices

The iPhone will be available in June exclusively from Cingular Wireless, at a price of $500 for a 4-GB model and $600 for an 8-GB model with a two-year service contract.

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Death of Ringtone Industry

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