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Written on 7:16 PM by nitesh

Other day I was browsing through the ibnlive.com and found out this video of FM at ISB.
After watching the video it brought me alive the memories of the 100FM which we used to have in college . It started in 2nd year and I became an RJ after 6 months ( we bunch of friends decided to give it a go) , It used to be a lot of fun because we went there with a purpose of to enjoy ourselves not with the prupose of making others laugh. Show timings was 11.00pm to 12.00 midnight which is normally the prime time in college. Me with my friends go there in the Radio room , on our way we used to collect as many of friends to join use, till reaching the radio room we were normally 6-8 budding RJ's , ready for the show. As we donot follow the practice of preparing for the show so dk and chakku would open 2-3 mails of PJ's forwarded by people , this would start long comments like ' arj kiya hai ' ................................... waah waah what ever the PJ be but waah was said with full josh and vigour . We were lucky to have a great actor amongs us dk who can do mimicary of any artist , using his talent we would start a mock interview with nana , sharukh etc . Sachin would do his normal ulti-sidhi acts , don't get angry with me sachin. And out main targets during the shows used to be changu mangu , i would not reveal the details. These kind of fun filled activities widen your mind , let you think from some other perspective. Gone are those days.........

Though I have embd the ibnlive video still (the video might not show up) Video Link .

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