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Written on 11:25 AM by nitesh

Here is Indian version of You Tube , Aapka Video director ban jao . Just as You Tube the site allows to upload share and embed videos after making an account in the site. There are six categories General, Entertainment, Comedy, Sports, News & Blogs, and Travels and Places and tagging option is also there.

I was unable to open the video in Firefox and IE-5 just as Patrix of Desi Pundit has written in his review. Most videos I found was from movies or Tv serials not self made by users. It will take some time for Indian Web2.0 sites to evolve enough to match the likes of you tube and wkis.

Read Detailed Review By Patrix

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  1. girishkarnad |

    hi there is one more simmillar site which looks very fast, more colourful and lot of indian cultural videos i liked this site just try this out

  2. Anonymous |

    Also check out

    its a new independant live stream desi channel for Bhangra music


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