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Written on 1:35 PM by nitesh

This is my first speech in the InterraIt toastmasters club

I love you
I love you
I love you

Friends these are the three words I couldn't utter when they were actually required reason lack of confidence

Mr Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters and guests.
My purpose of joining TM is to gain confidence more confidence and more confidence.

Friends there has been no valentine in my life till now, there were only infatuations in school as well as college days. But just like any other lover I used to try to sit at a convenient position where I could watch my beloved and was always searching for reasons to talk to her. But couldn't say I love U
So friends now you have come to know that I have never uttered the words I love you, PAUSE what should I tell you now!!

I will tell you about my two self one in the real world that is the REAL Nitesh and the other being e_nitesh or virtual Nitesh..

In real life Nitesh is passionate about sports be it playing or watching sports events. I enjoy playing and it has helped me in learning qualities like team spirit, leadership and motivational skills.
I think I can give some tips to dravid as well.

Meet my wife

Real nitesh believes in diffusing his creative energies by trying to do different things. This quality once landed me on stage playing part of dhritrashtra in a play called "KBD" (kaun banega drapaudi pati). Funniest part in the play was that, a 6feet 3 inch guy was incarnated as Draupadi and a feeble underweight friend was given divine form of bheema.

Another shot in my repertoire of skills is taking part in organizing events. It all started at the ground level, learning the process and slowly I moved over to bigger responsibility like handling the responsibly of event manager of our college annual fest a 10Lk budgeted event. These hobby has many positives like it increased my interaction with people of various kind and I learned many management skills also.

Thanks to 24 hour lan in college I started an e-life. Utilized my surfing habit in a productive way by starting a blog in which I write about new technological developments in web world like new gadgets new web2.0 websites.

Coalesced my passion of sports and writing habit by starting a sports blog sportolysis with my friends. Recently got surprised success when it was nominated in top 5 sports blogs in the country.

I am sure sports personalities visit my blog regularly to improve their game. Suggestions are open for sports minister also

Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were to go through our life without any obstacles, we would be crippled. Failures came in my life but not lots or you can say I don't count them as struggles or failures.

Normally you fall from high, this happened with me during the first year when from 90+% in 12th I came down to 2 / 4 pointer, these type of failures/struggles urges you to give the extra E (effort) to come out successfully.
Failures are stepping stones to success and these set backs made me mentally strong to face any kind of problems.

College life was fun some attending lectures in a big movie hall like lecture theatre gossiping till wee hours
Some has rightly said

You run life inside the college gate
Life runs you outside the college gate.

I had completed one marathon of my life and entered into the biggest one. I am happy that here I have mentors and very good persons to guide me in this stage of my life. I am sure I will achieve my dreams and goals

After giving my ice breaker I have gained enough confidence to say I love you , I wish I had given my speech before 14th feb, I could have had a valentine.

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