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When one can enjoy gourmet meals , do laundry , get an oil massage , play , swim while in office who would like to to go home from office. This is what happens to the employees of the google. Google made its debut at the number one position on the Fortune 10th 100 best companies to work for. With just 8 years into existence google has got hundreds of people eying to work at the company , google receives 1300 resumes a day. Google will surpass $10 billion in sales for 2006.

Today's workplace is better in these respects according to

  • It's more flexible.
  • It's more of a learning environment.
  • It's more diverse in terms of female and minority representation.
  • It's more supportive of employees raising a family.
  • It's more democratic in terms of employee stock ownership.
  • It's more open in terms of communication upwards and downwards.
  • It's more fun: parties and celebrations galore.

Other Software companies in the lsit are Cisco(11), Yahoo(44), Microsoft(50), strange point is there is no Apple.

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Why Google is #1

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