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Written on 2:52 PM by nitesh

Good afternoon everyone.....

Statuary Warning

All the characters in this story are real any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely intentional

I am going to narrate few of the incidents which happened to me few days back and how it created a mess in my workplace

This happened probably when I bought a new toothpaste after getting influenced tele advertising companies used to publicize a lot

Every morning when I brushed my teeth in front of the mirror the smell of the paste did some unusual thing to me, I became different character every day.

One day I became Maharaja Akbar .. I went to office dressed in mythological attire . As I reached the office I found guards waving flags at the entrance and durban shouting be alert king akbar is coming.

Later my manager came and asked me about the work which he gave yesterday, since I was smelling a rose I recited him a romantic poem

After that I went to darbar and being a art fanatic myself I called all the praja "employees"
to witness the quwalli , and participate in mughle idol competition.

In the evening I had to take a call with Jim Chang He asked for code review Instead I ordered my troops to attack ..Unfortunately we lost the client


I hated family soaps a lot, specially ekta kapoor , next day I became Ekta kapoor .....
Went to sets to coordinate the shooting , I ordered that tulsi .... the women who has become the idol bahu will die today and not to be bron again
in kahani ghar ghar ki episode and from now onwards there will no funda of getting married and divorced again and again.
It was also decided by me that from now onwards all the new serials will not began with K but with "S" with theme being sci-fiction
On this day I guess I was blued eye boy of all the husbands in India and simultaneously enemy of all the wives.


I read comics and watched super heroes movies a lot
So when next day ( it was weekend) I brushed my teeth I became Gajhodhar- The spit man ... Indian Super Hero. He has only one attire a smaal cloth which we call gamcha in hindi , gajhodhar was geting late for the movie show so he used his gamcha to fly straight to the CSM mall , He took his roommate sanghta with him , who go scared about flying in the sky
When we reached the mall everyone left the movie and came to look us , media was there in a moments star news zee tv all were they . They said we have got another krish here, i became angry and shouted I am not krish i am Gajhodhar - the spit Man and i spitted on their van and it was all flooded in moments. For the whole day we were the centre of attraction of the world. People started asking me to show my powers , i declined to show them my powers because they are to be used for good purposes .


On monday i forgot to brush my teeth and I was the real Nitesh and went office :(
My managers shouted at me , they scolded me they rebuked me. I was feeling sorry , i had regrets ... Regrets of not doing brush that day
and prepared plans to being hitle the other day

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