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Written on 4:58 PM by nitesh

I wanted to buy a digi camera but was confused which one to buy couldn't finalize one but probably with the help of flickr camera finder I will be able to decide one.

Main page of the camera finder shows the most used digi cameras , cell phones with camera and most popular brands.

Presently cannon is ruling the roost in the popularity charts with three cams in the most popular category and in cell phones with camera category sony is ruling with K750i.

Flickr has lined up all the camera manufacturers in its CameraFinder category and clicking on any manufacturer will show the different models and the maximum photos are taken by which model in a graphical manner. It also shows the top 5 cameras in the community. It is very helpful for novices who don't know about megapixels and shutter speed as popularity can help them buy.

I checked the cannon and found out that maximum pics were taken by EOS Digital Rebel XT during the last month

One can also check out the top 5 performers in a particular brand .

One can also see the detailed specifications a particular camera. It also shows how many photos were uploaded by users of the camera and in a graphical pattern the usage in a year. Bottom of the page shows the pics taken by the camera.

Lots of things can be done but one thing which is missing is comparison option which i feel will come soon

so Find a Camera and i hope to find mine also

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