Google Thinking About You ??


Written on 5:26 PM by nitesh

Googlism finds out what Google thinks about you or the term you enter in it. I searched my name and found out:

Googlism for: nitesh
  • nitesh is now back at one of his favourite games
  • nitesh is also very keen to work in our other destinations
  • nitesh is one of them
  • nitesh is a graduate member of the bcs
  • nitesh is a pro at this one and he encouraged me to try it
  • nitesh is catan's third subordinate
  • nitesh is willing to learn and adapt to new challenges
  • nitesh is still sweet chocolate brown
  • nitesh is a candidate at blue star weyr
  • nitesh is very good person
  • nitesh is going to scan all the project proposals and put them on the lfg homepage
  • nitesh is another frighteningly clever person
  • nitesh is het geen
  • nitesh is an old buddy of mine from high school who
  • nitesh is bored with the same old train
  • nitesh is still a young and hardy man
Last one is very much true :D

So try out your name and other terms and have fun

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  1. Anonymous |

    own wine buddy but yes, is good :)

  2. nitesh |

    prasoon u check yours also
    i entered one thing a found out
    he is a networking bond
    very much true about you


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