10Mp Phone


Written on 11:57 AM by nitesh

Till now I had heard about the camera phone having 3.2MP only but was shocked to see a 10MP Samsung camera SCH-B600. The phone looks like a digital camera on one side and phone on other side.

Phone Features are:

  • 10MP
  • 3x optical zoom 5x digital zoom
  • auto focus and flash
  • manual focus
  • burst mode
  • TV input jack to connect straight to TV
  • MP3 player
  • Bluetooth
  • And many other features

The phone is available in korea only for 900,000 won or Rs 41,000 approximately


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  1. Anonymous |

    i'm sorry to inform you but that phone wont be the last one...
    By the way "the camera-phone with 3,2mp", well most phones have that these days... and 5mp's are seen often like the nokia n95,n96,...and so on...!
    As well as a few 8mp's out there like the samsung m8800 pixon...

    Watchout...seems your living behind the moon...


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