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Currently this site points towards apple’s ipod site but in a few months this will be pointing towards apple’s new product iphone, which is set to take the market with a bang in early 2007. Apple’s collaboration with Motorola (phone with ipod) couldn’t catch the market but people are eagerly waiting for the iphone.

Apple has not yet confirmed its plans about the iphone but several other suppliers have confirmed about the iphone. Apple doesn’t make the parts of its products but it buys out the companies or hires different companies who make those parts.

Rumors are rife in the market about the features we can expect in the iphone. So what we can expect is:

  1. iPhoto ---- iphone will have a good camera, 3MP is expected.
  2. iPod ---- the memory size would not be limited to only 100-200 songs.
  3. iChat ---- since mobile technology is the future so chatting option will be there.
  4. iMovie --- apple has recently introduced movie download option in its itunes site so consumers can expect iMovie also
  5. Design --- Apple is always famous for the state of the art design, slim and sleek iphones are expected. Design will be somewhat similar to ipod nano.
  6. Other Features -- Java games, colored screen, calendar, manager, big phone book etc will be there.

Rumors regarding apple tie up with service provider cingular the US' largest cell phone provider making it the exclusive carrier of Apple's forthcoming phone are also hot in the market. This tie will be for initial 6 months and after that other service provider can sell the phone after that. Insiders say Apple is internally estimating that shipments of the iPhone will top a staggering 25 million in 2007 alone.

So will it mean the end of product which revived the apple corporation i.e. apple’s ipod…. Only time will tell

Google image search of iphone gives a lot of expected designs here are few of them.

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