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Blue Organizer

Here comes a smart firefox, flock extension that help people manage their bookmarks. Unlike unremarkable bookmarks, Blueorganizer determines and preserves the semantics of real-world things like movies, wine or electronic gadgets. With this unique approach, Blueorganizer is able to create a context-sensitive, personalized Web experience for every user. It was an instant hit in the Demo fall-06.

In short it basically personalizes user’s browsers.Unlike bookmark this site blueorganiser user bluemark this site option.


Blueorganiser reorganize our things. Few categories are already defined like movies, electronics, books and many more. Select a movie title or a book title and bluemark the movie or particular book entering other details like rating of the movie/book, you own it or want it option and tagging it also. Personalizing Bookmarks: Choose your favorite sites to discover related information.

Auto Bluemark: One can add an option of auto blue marking the site if user visits it for given number of times.

Finding Things: Using filter option and search option one can quickly find its bookmarks

Using bookmarks: One can instantly find related information about a particular bookmark in other sites

Sharing Information: Users can share their bookmarks if they all are using blueorganizer.

Using bluebadges one can display a slide show or a filmstrip of your bluemarks on your home page, your blog, Google Desktop or MySpace page

The blueorganizer is giving us a glimpse of powerful Semantic Web technologies to come. Chris Shipley, Executive Producer, DEMO conferences

So go and blueorganize yourself

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