Orkut + Gtalk – Blending Social Networking with Instant Communication


Written on 4:15 PM by nitesh

After linking GTalk to gmail and google docs to spreadsheets now it’s time for orkut and gtalk blending

Google has recently removed the invitation option in orkut so as to increase the number of users of orkut lagging very behind to others like myspace (130 million and orkut’s 30million). This blending will also further increase the usability of both orkut and gtalk which is not as popular as yahoo or msn but is popular among tech guys mainly.

A Google spokeswoman says there will be option on Gtalk ‘Orkut Friends’ showing status and information in the buddy list. GTalk users may be able to scrap to their orkut friends via GTalk. Others more features are also expected. The announcement is expected some time next week.

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