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Written on 4:40 PM by nitesh

Google has just launched Google Docs application which is just integration of writely and Google spreadsheets. The new site now shows all the spreadsheets documents and writely documents in a single list. This is another shot towards the Microsoft’s cash cow office and towards other online office suites competitors like zoho.

I will review it later but will write about the one feature that I tested on it that is converting your email, word or any others documents to pdf format online using the Google docs.

  1. On logging to the Google docs you will get a unique id where you can email your documents. One can also upload the documents using the upload feature.
  2. After sending the mail you will receive a email from the Google server which would contain a link to the document.
  3. Open the document and use save as pdf, word or other options to save your documents.

I don’t see it’s extensive use in a country like India where net access is still very less compared to population, slowly these application particularly web 2.0 will be used extensively here.

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