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Slideshare is a new service that lets user upload and share their presentations. These presentations can be seen as videos are seen in You Tube. So now there is no need to store them in laptops or usb’s and carry them while giving presentations and also there is no need to email the slides to the listener just upload them on slideshare.

Users for this application are endless. Professors can upload their lecture slides on slideshare and let students access them so there is no need for sharing them on network

One cool thing is that the files are stored in their server named after bollywood divas like aish, bipasha, dia and Celina.

There are few limitations presentation size is limited to 20mb. One can’t edit the slides after uploading them.

Good features are user can put the slides on their blog. Each slide has its own permanent URL for reference. Tags and comments can be added to uploaded presentations.

Here is my presentation which i uploaded on slideshare.

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