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Indian Languages translator

Those who are bored by writing in english, hindi words can send their mails in hindi now and in three other languages namely telugu, tamil, malayalam.

Two technocrats; K S Sreeram and Ram Prakash H, founders of Tachyon Technologies, which was started in the year 2000, have developed the new technology.

All the user needs to do is type-in the text, which he/she wishes to input, and Quillpad promises to automatically predict what the user's typing corresponds to. Text is typed in English in the same way it sounds in their language and quillpad will translate it in their language.

e.g. say if I write :
nitesh kya kar raha hai
the quillpad will do translation in the hindi or other launguages available in it.

क्या कर रहे है आप

Qillpad can be trained to recognize the specific words i.e. users can add their own set of words using add a word option. By clicking on the mail option user can mail the text written.

so visit and have fun at Quillpad

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