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Nowadays online suites are flooding the market like office suites, spreadsheets to name a few. WebOS is the new addition it is basically virtual OS on the web. It is mobile operating system that one can access from anywhere. Normally such OS are based on flash and ajax. Here is how it is defined in wikipedia

There are many WebOS in market now such as xin, youOs, eyeos I will be discussing about goowy

There are many features available in goowy

1. Email
Mail client is pretty normal as others but one new option is one can drag and drop mails to different folders. Organizing becomes easier with this option.

2. Contacts
Contacts can be imported from gmail, yahoo or hotmail .csv file.
Plan your schedule with calendar.Add your important events, invite friends and be reminded of your upcoming schedule.
Integrated IM
Instant message with all of your buddies (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and more) all in one place, anytime and anywhere. This option is similar to meebo.
File Storage
One can easily upload files or any other stuff in the goowy drive. 1Gb is free and for upgrades one needs to pay.

6. Minis
These are small applications like quote of the day, weather, news, rss feeds, itunes top songs, bookmarks that run on the desktop and one can configure them. These are similar to google personalized home page
Lots of games are available to have fun.
Listen to the songs by uploading them in the goowy drive.

According to Ryan Stewart

Goowy is a great application precisely because it makes the best of Flash and the best of AJAX. Flash allows the Goowy team to build an application that performs the same way across platforms. It also gives them the ability to create rich drag-and-drop functionality as well as animation and visual cues that perfect the user experience. AJAX provides the text editing functionality as well as some of the back end server communication.

But only time will tell whether they will be appreciated in the market or not as these applications are at the mercy of network speed, if speed is slow the app will work slowly. So give goowy a try.

More about webOs visit

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  1. mrin |

    google has been plannin this type of os for quite somtime, wat they have been workin on is a concept of thin client where the client will hardly have nythin significant viz processor or harddisk because all the processin will be done at the server farm of google and unlimited memory will be provided tht too free of cost.

    But still goowy is a great application with pretty xtensiv and intelligent use of ajax

  2. Anonymous |

    good job bro..
    nicely written !!
    shud try these out sometimes :)


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