Flashback : Third Year in College


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Semester of Events

College was completely full this semester as now all the four batches were in campus. We were to choose two electives one technical and other not technical in this semester making us realize that now we have to specialize in area of our interest. I opted for security protocols and introduction to business management not for ct course as communication was not my forte.

Sem 5 was the semester of rf community. Some of my friends who had taken rf made a humurous rf community which was a good way of time paas.There were rf jokes rf stories many pj's related to RF and many taunting remarks towards DSP. Chachu, maddy, desi, amit all came up with RF-11 with professor in the middle (similar to lagaan ). But now all the stuff has been removed from the community by the owner chachu.


We security guys used to suffer a lot as we couldn't bunk lectures because of surprise pop quizzes every week There was incident of chakku being rebuked by the prof. for asking a silly question referred by the sir as CS101 question , chakku later rephrased his question but to his sorrow this was referred to as CS102 question.

Non technical elective was cool infact cooler, many students left the course and entered the world of quantum technology, when prof. told that he would do absolute marking but there was no such thing done later. Maximum A’s were distributed in this course around 110. Every one started imitating the prof. by shouting ‘okaaaaayyyyy’ in his lectures. Irony happened when quantum guys were graded absolutely.

Popularity of HMC soared to new heights with lots of events organized in the sem, I was lucky to be part of the organizing team. First event was Janmashtami celebrations, it was not a matki phod competition but just one matki was tied and we tried three times to break that matki. First time sandy fell and second time chachu misbalanced and ravi couldn’t break . In between buckets of water was thrown on us at a fast pace to stop us from breaking the matki, finally I rose to the occasion and my height helped me to break the matki.


Next big thing was organizing dusshera festival , burning the effigy of ravana. Making the effigy was the most difficult part, but thanks to chachu who was knowledgeable about the stuff and technique required in making the ravana. Ravi and chachu roamed in different villages near gandhinagar to collect bamboo and other stuff required to make the effigy. Finally we bunch of 18-20 guys gathered near d-wing open area and started making the ravana , there was lot of fun involved did mistakes but enjoying and dancing we worked 4-5 hours to make the skeleton of the Lankan king. This all was going on just 2-3 days before our mid sems. Early morning work was to dress him , insert bombs and decorate him, but morning our workforce increased to around 30 juniors came our batch mates came and some seniors also helped and work went smoothly and finally ravana was ready to be burned by 4.00 pm but there was a big hurdle to take it to the ground. Somehow with great burden and enjoyment the effigy was taken to the ground and planted at the defined place. We all involved in making decided to wear traditional Indian dress kurta to give ethnic look. All my friends and me had many photo sessions with that dress. Finally in presence of 800 above crowd the highest ever in history of da-iict first there was a small fireworks show and then with a big bamboo the effigy was burned.

I guess tug of war the battle between the wings took place before dusshera celebration. This was another crowd puller event; my wing of dillu dallu boys was washed in the first round mainly because I and chakku didn’t participate as we were organizer. B wind ground who boasted a lot before the event were routed in the 2nd round but b wing 2nd floor did play very well but were ousted by all conquering off-campus team which comprised of powerful persons. They took just seconds 6-7 or so to win the battle. But the main battle took place between b-wing 2nd floor or some team from f wing, it was semifinal and it ran for around 4-5 minutes, all the three rounds. Crowd pulling matches were of girls’ wing which were placed between boys wings matches as fillers.


After few days rangoli competiton was announced, somehow I managed to wake up vinamra aka tidda to team up with me and chakku, he agreed and we started 1-2 hours late at around 2.30 pm, missed the first prize by a whisker as our tiger was not fully prepared. There were very nice designs made by students.

Synapse-Power Struggle

In between the semester there started a power struggle regarding who will organize the synapse-05, there were 2-3 groups willing to take the responsibility. All wanted to become the overall coordinators, many days discussions took place to reach a conclusion regarding the formation of synapse committee but no consensus was reached and matter remained dead for a month or so. Ravi, C-Guru, chakku and me later made a proper plan regarding the organizing the synapse-05, we slowly also tried to reach a consensus among all groups and finally tried to convince the director to give us rights (keys to synapse room and email stuff etc). Our efforts paid dividends and we synapse committee was formed, which started working.

Starting few days went normal finalizing events and proceeding towards first main hurdle of getting sponsorship, but somewhere again some crooks were building a different plan to kick ravi and C-guru and me to become overall coordinators. Outburst occurred in January when we all came back from our 10day or so break, questions were raised as who are these ravi and c-guru, only one should remain in the core comprising of 3 people only. Finally a meeting took place between anand agr, anand gautam, akshat, tholia, ravi, c-guru, ranjeet and me, to vote for the core 3. This was the night I learned deep tactics of politics, views and counterviews were put for long 4 hours to decide the core 3, main target was to eliminate one either C-guru or ravi from the core 3. I watched the hunger for ‘seat’, how one can do anything like buttering coaxing etc for power seat and when their purpose is solved they will not look at you. I was of the opinion that you can’t degrade or overthrow those persons who played a great role in getting things (getting permission to organize synapse officially) solved, so every time I voted for those two( ravi and c-guru) in the core team. I learned the real truth of the person who is known as the policy man of our batch, how he cam be easily befooled and made to do things which are not expected from him. It was 4.00 am in the morning and it was getting cold so meeting was shifted to c-guru’s room, all efforts of the hidden group were getting failed as I was not getting in their trap and finally core three were formed at around 5.00 am. This was also not official, official in the sense that all the warring groups were not present when it was decided, still hidden personalities were revealed on this day. I grasped basics and main fundas of politics this night. Later on everything solved as that faction slowly moved away from the synapse stuff. I was given the post of the event manager which basically dealt with handling all the events of the mega fest; ashish was also there to help me.

Motto was to try to involve each and every person of the da-iict in the fest and for that we planned workshops, prelims and a banging prelude with Richard Stallman , we were able to call him here as he was here in ahmedabad for two three days. Some how we managed to get a decent sponsorship of around nine and half lakhs mainly due to the five lakhs by reliance, still we were 1.25 lakh short of organizing strings show here in the campus, we tried a lot, thought of all the ways to get the crowd dancing to the songs of strings in da-iict but failed. I and tholia were ready to take the gamble/risk on the belief that we will get enough crowds to get money by selling tickets, but we were vetoed. Then there were plans of calling atif aslam and troop (not jal) , but due to visa problems that failed.

Special care was taken in deciding upon the event managers as we didn’t want to give the organizing of an important event to careless organizers who later on will not care for the event. We tried to minimize lectures as the attendance was rock bottom in last year’s event, but to our sorrow they were minimized to 2 only as siddhu backed away and manmohan shetty’s daughter due to some work didn’t turn up.

Finally after help of many batch mates and juniors event was organized successfully with smashing Ragna-Rock on the first day which was hit mainly because of efforts of chetan and tuss. Footloose and Rampage were other highlighting events, who would say a fashion show dead when niftians are there to walk on the ramp. Though cultural part was heavier in the event but technical also didn’t lag behind with good events like fortress, excogitate and many more. In the end we were able to involve many students in the fest, I can proudly now say after seeing synapse-06 that btech-2002 organized (others also) wonderful synapse in just two months.


to be continued........

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  1. I Am Sam |

    fashion show, god, that was the best we had in our four year of stay, and kudos to u ppl to for organizing a good event, and luthra notching for managemnt gurus

  2. Amod |

    Sem 5 was quite good! We three guys- Vivek, Bhavesh and I- shifted outside in sector 2 and we've pleasant memories of that place. I was in DSP, and I remember the RF vs DSP fight!! That was v funny!
    I dislike synapse for the politics and onemanship involved, thats why I never participated nor attended anything in it.

  3. prasoon |

    why is the white board blank now - ab to btp bhi khatam n you can now surely discuss politics here :P


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